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Topographic US Maps Application by TopoSports


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TopoSports has a new app for BlackBerry that provides topographic maps for the USA. The app is geared towards outdoor sports enthusiasts and comes in handy for anyone interested in biking, hiking, geocaching etc. The maps provided by TopSports have been re-projected for WGS84 datum and are GPS accurate for all BlackBerrys. Features of this app include:

  • Download topo maps of any quad in US for offline usage: You can Download 1:24K scale maps of any quad in US(Alaska coming soon). The maps have been projected for WGS84 datum and are GPS accurate for all mobile devices. You can search for maps by feature name or select from 3500+ featured quads for popular destinations.
  • Seamless mosaicing of quads
  • Distance/Bearing tool
  • Create custom way points: Two modes for waypayoint creation are supported: Automatic using device GPS or via manual selection.
  • Geographic names layer for each quad.
  • Search POIs/Way points offline by name.
  • Pan/zoom/locate yourself
  • Record GPS tracks : Supports both built in GPS and BlueTooth
  • View tracks overlay for bird’s eyeview of your tracks.
  • Live track animation
  • Track analytics/stats: Distance covered, Average speed, Maximum speed, Time taken, Pace (time taken to cover a mile or km), Calories burned, Vertical ascent/descent
  • Export tracks in GPX format to SDCard: GPX tracks are viewable on Google earth.

TopoSports topographic maps is available in the store for $14.99.

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Free GPS on-device mapping application for BlackBerry



TopoExplorer is a free GPS on-device mapping application for BlackBerry. Both the program and basic map pack are free and ready to download. With TopoExplorer you will discover your surroundings on topographic maps even in remote areas assisted by GPS and without the need of the wireless network connection.

Features include:

  • Offline Maps – No wireless network connection needed.
  • Shows GPS position in different coordinate systems.
  • Large map support from memory card.
  • Free map packs cover most areas already.
  • Detailed map packs for more detailed coverage.

To download TopoExplorer for FREE, go here.


Windows Live Search features voice recognition


Windows Live Search for BlackBerryNot one to be outdone by Yahoo! OneSearch, it turns out the Windows Live Search application for BlackBerry is also packing voice recognition, letting you pull up mobile searches just by speaking into your mobile. I’ve been making progress with vlingo lately, which features Google and Yahoo! searches built in as well, but one of our readers went so far to say “it has replaced half of my applications overnight, literally.” Tall words, but Live Search does feature GPS maps and navigation, movie showtimes, traffic, weather, and a bunch of other handy features. One-stop shops for BlackBerry software are becoming hot commodities, and voice recognition is the soupe du jour. Head on over to m.live.com to give Windows Live Search for BlackBerry a shot, or go to Live Search Mobile for more info.


Google Maps Mobile gets voice-enabled


Google Maps Voice SearchAlthough our faith in voice recognition has been a wee bit tainted after trying to get vlingo to work for the last week, Google recently announced that you can now make voice-activated, local searches using Google Maps on the BlackBerry 8110, BlackBerry 8120, and BlackBerry 8130. It sounds like the app is still a work in progress, but no doubt once it’s been polished and fine-tuned, we’ll start seeing it on devices other than the Pearl. I really do like the idea of all these new voice-based services, but the more you have to wrestle with them to recognize you properly, the more you’re inclined to just use the dang keypad. You can find more info on Google Maps Voice Search, or head on over to m.google.com/maps on your BlackBerry to get started.


Tele Atlas partners up with Google


WonderTwinsTele Atlas has just announced that over the next five years they’ll be providing Google with all of the mapping info they suck up through the satellites, along with everything they’ve already piled up. This means that fancy Google Maps app for BlackBerry with the newfangled transit info will have a healthy booster shot of photos and information. Tele Atlas has done a lot of good work with mobile GPS applications, and partnering with Google is solid step to doing more.

BlackBerry JDE 4.5 goes public


BlackBerry LogoBasement devs, start your engines. If you aren’t one of those companies that are super-cozy with RIM and getting the Java Desktop Environement well in advance, it’s now available for open download. HTML e-mail viewing, spell check and BlackBerry Maps integration are all a part of the new package. Maps opens up some options… Since Google opened up its maps API, a lot have companies have been able to do some great stuff with it. I’ve always been a fan of BlackBerry Maps, and think there are some similar opportunities there.

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