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Google Maps updated with transit info


I was greeted from my holiday with an update in my Google Mobile Updater with a notification about a Google Maps update. Lo and behold, BlackBerry Maps on mobile now includes transit directions, complete with fare and stops for over 50 cities across the US and Canada. To be honest, this would be the kicker to get me to switch from BlackBerry Maps to Google Maps. Google was always to data heavy, and BlackBerry Maps did pretty much the same thing, but this is a very nice option for those of us taking the bus, especially in unfamiliar parts of town. Transit has also been built into the browser-based directions search, too, for extra handiness. Check the video of the squeaky-voiced dude for the full run-down, and grab your update over the air from m.google.com.

Thanks Paul!

More OS 4.6 details


BlackBerry 9000A recent video tour of the BlackBerry 9000 shows off the few new features in OS 4.6, including launching streaming video in the BlackBerry Media Player, geotagging right from the camera app, and a new Clock feature. The improved browser was nary to be seen, and BlackBerry Maps wasn’t included yet (likely due to tweaking needed for the new assisted GPS technology that the 9000 is packing), but the software will likely get all its gaps filled before release. Hardware-wise, the 9000’s keypad is significantly improved over the 8800’s, has a bigger battery (and extra weight to go with it), and is packing an uber-bright LED.

Review: WorldMate Live


WorldMate LiveWorldMate Live has quickly become the BlackBerry user’s companion of choice, and for good reason. By using a highly-detailed but cleanly-designed web interface to take in your travel information (such as transportation, lodging, and scheduled meetings), information for entire trips can get pushed out to your BlackBerry and keep you on track the whole visit. Extras such as a time zone calculator, currency converter, weather, phone directories and BlackBerry Maps integration make WorldMate Live a no-brainer for anyone hitting the skies.

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Yahoo! Go 3.0 beta released


Yahoo GoAnother bit of news out of the Consumer Electronics Show is the release of version 3 of Yahoo Go for BlackBerry is now available from go.yahoo.com. At first glance, it looks like Google-style software suite, but Yahoo’s bringing some pretty cool stuff to the table, including mobile widgets. Right now they’ve only got some for MySpace, MTV and soon eBay, but it still looks like a good platform with lots of growth in it. Still, Yahoo Go! looks more about getting extra features like e-mail and maps that BlackBerrys already have included. For more info on the new version of Yahoo! Go, take a look over here.

Google unveils GPS-less location-detection


GoogleGoogle’s updated Maps to version 2.0, and the big new feature is cell-tower triangulation to find your location. This new beta program called My Location sounds a bit like SameCell, huh? Of course, if you have GPS integrated in your handheld, Google Maps can read that too. Google’s obviously keeping BlackBerry in mind, as it’s a Curve cut-out being used in the video demo, but Nokia, Java and Windows Mobile is supported too. Head on over to http://www.google.com/gmm on your mobile browser to check out the beta. Thanks, Ronen!

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Free BlackBerry navigator software


Nav4AllWe just got word from Stefano that Nav4All, a free navigation software package, is now supporting BlackBerry. They’ve got something set up called MyWorld which lets you share favourite locations on Google Maps, complete with pictures, and access them view the Nav4All client. On top of that, MyWorld is boasting Yellow Pages access, mapping, and friend tracking. It all sounds pretty good, just keep in mind that generally you get what you pay for. If you’re feeling adventurous, and want to give this free LBS a shot, you can download Nav4All by going to www.nav4all.com on your GPS-enabled BlackBerry.