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March Madness: Twinkler Software is 30% for the Month of March


Twinkler Software are having a March sale from now until March 31st, where they’re giving 30% off any app in the Twinkler Software Catalog.

To take advantage of this deal, use the coupon code “MARCHMADNESS” for your discount on some great apps such as:

  • AddOnis – This is an all-in-one utility app that adds a ton of functionality to your device. It’s best described as a feature set so read up on them in the store.
  • InstantLog – Automatically log any or all of your incoming or outgoing call, email or sms details.
  • WiFi Hero – Location based control of WiFi power (automatic On and OFF) based on your cell tower location.
  • AddContactX – Adds contact information to your address book from your call log.
  • SendX – Send information to your Calendar, Memo Pad, Task Manager from Email, SMS, or Phone Logs.

Remember to use Coupon Code “MARCHMADNESS” at checkout!

Take a look at the Twinkler Software catalog in the BlackBerryCool Store.

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Join Viigo’s NCAA March Madness basketball pool


The “Madness” of March is here and with it comes Viigo’s first ever pool. Join today and make your picks, every game from each of the regions, and see if you can come out on top and earn the title of Viigo’s NCAA basketball champ!

Playing is easy, with version 8 or higher of Viigo, add March Madness from within the sports service. You will then simply choose the teams you think are going to advance then follow along to see if you were right. Viigo will let you monitor the success of your teams and track the progress of the pool.

It’s free and it’s fun but you have to get in at least one hour before the first tip off on Tuesday, March 17.

Do you have the game it takes to achieve glory? To join, go here.