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Share Price and BBM Down: Bad Timing To Say the Least


You may have noticed BBM down today as the service has been acting up for various regions and carriers. We have reports from both Toronto and Waterloo that BBM isn’t working. Have you experienced any problems? Let us know. More details after the break.
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Macquarie Equities Research Gives RIM an Outperform Rating and US$40 Share Price Target



Analysts for the most part have been parroting each other lately when it comes to RIM and its share price. At least one group, Macquarie Equities Research, isn’t listening to the hype and is giving RIM an Outperform rating and a US$40 per share price target. Kevin Smithen, senior telecom services analyst with Macquarie, believes that while RIM may be seeing some decline in US markets, it is far better positioned internationally than other brands. According to Smithen, international markets are reluctant to adopt the iPhone or Android devices due to fears of their high-margin text messaging revenue being cannibalized. Lower subsidies for carriers in emerging markets also make for higher margins for RIM on each BlackBerry sold.

RIM is doing very well in international markets with a 50% market share in Indonesia where 5.5 million subscribers have actually generated sales of approximately 10 million units. RIM sales in the Asia-Pacific region have nearly doubled in the last year, growing to 1.61 million units in the first three months of 2011 from 817,000 units during the same period last year.

It’s interesting to note that whenever somebody claims “RIM is dead” they won’t touch on some very basic points such as 1) international growth 2) security and 3) the potential roadmap with QNX. These are major advantages for RIM that doesn’t jive with the lazy, half-assed blogging from C-list individuals.

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Wikinvest Launches Investment Portfolio Tracking App



Wikinvest has launched a BlackBerry app that lets you track your portfolios across multiple brokerage accounts. The downside of the app is that you can’t trade from within the application – a feature that many mobile websites offer. The Wikinvest service you to seamlessly import your data from your brokerage and other investment accounts and get pushed, real-time market data.

Something to consider with this app, is whether you want to share your portfolio information with the company in exchange for the mobile convenience. Overall, Wikinvest is doing well with over $16 billion in assets being tracked across 62,000 Wikinvest members. So there is some comfort in knowing that it’s a service trusted by many.

To download the Wikinvest app, point your browser to wikinvest.com/bb.

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Xomad’s BBM Lounge Party for Mark Salling’s Record Release Party


Mark Salling record release Xomad

Xomad had another BBM Lounge party and if you’re confused about what these parties are about – you’re not alone. The parties are being help by Xomad who get money from RIM marketing to position BlackBerry and BBM as a nightlife brand in young Hollywood. The latest party coincided with Mark Salling’s record release party and featured hors d’oeuvres and themed cocktails like the BlackBerry Lemonade.

Does any other smartphone manufacturer sponsor parties like this? Does it even work? Marketing dollars can influence consumers but it’s generally on a much more massive scale. It’s hard to imagine that getting a group of minor celebrities together to awkwardly pose with a BlackBerry has any impact on perception of BBM or BlackBerry.

Check out the full Flickr page here.

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RIM announces common share repurchase program


RIM’s Board of Directors have authorized a share repurchase program to purchase common shares having an aggregate purchase price of up to US$ 1.2 billion, or approximately 21 million common shares based on current trading prices (representing approximately 3.6% of the currently outstanding common shares of RIM).

The Board of Directors feel that this program is in the best interests of RIM and its shareholders. While their motives were not explicitly stated in the press release, a share repurchase program is generally about increasing ownership of the company by reducing the number of outstanding shares. Overall, this company is going to continue to grow and the more control and ownership RIM has, the better.

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Rogers Wireless profits dip albeit surge in data revenue


Rogers has seen a dip in profits in their media and retail outlets, while at the same time they have seen an increase in wireless data revenue. This is good evidence that the carrier should be nothing more than a pipe for data, and shut down its business of selling software and even devices.

Wireless data revenue jumped 46%, to $372 million. Year-to-date, wireless data revenue has increased 42% to $982 million. Rogers Wireless posted overall revenue of $1.76 billion, a 2% increase from a year ago.

This surge in wireless data usage and revenues is a direct result of selling so many BlackBerry devices. Rogers sold more than 370,000 smartphones, the majority of which were BlackBerry, followed by iPhone with a smattering of Android.

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