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BlackBerry 10 App Helps Find Voice Talent


Voices.com is a London Ontario based voice talent agency that has just launched an app for BlackBerry 10. The app will help you find voice talent for any project drawing from their database of over 75000 talented voice over artists.
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BlackBerry Taps Star Power to Market BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry has a odd tradition of tapping star power to sell cutting-edge technology. It’s a big challenge to explain the features and benefits of something complex to a consumer market made up of a young and a less technically inclined audience. This time BlackBerry has enlisted the help of some extremly talented people: Robert Rodriguez, Neil Gaiman, and Alicia Keys. They’ll be leading the charge in ushering BlackBerry into an era where smartphones are the primary tools of the creative and the successful.
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Talking BlackBerry 10 With DuJour Magazine in “Return of the BlackBerry”


I recently chatted with DuJour Magazine to talk about BlackBerry 10 and what makes this new BlackBerry so different from the legacy devices, as well as from the competition. Check out the article and see if you agree that “Return of the BlackBerry” is a nice editorial around the new company that is BlackBerry.

Read the full DuJour Magazine article “Return of the BlackBerry” available at this link.

BlackBerry Names Alicia Keys as Global Creative Director


Today at the BlackBerry launch event in New York, Thorsten Heins announced that BlackBerry has created a new senior position and has named none other than Alicia Augello Cook AKA musician Alicia Keys to the job. Continue reading ‘BlackBerry Names Alicia Keys as Global Creative Director’

Magmic’s Jonathan Simon Promotes BlackBerry 10 Ahead of Fiscal Results


With RIM’s financial quarterly reports coming this afternoon, the media wants to know more about BlackBerry 10 and how developers feel about the platform. Most media is pretty in the dark when it comes to BlackBerry 10, because for the most part, they haven’t had their hands on the device and tried out a final version. Magmic’s Jonathan Simon was on the Business News Network talking about BlackBerry 10 and why Magmic supports the platform.
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What’s RIM’s BlackBerry 10 Device Sales and Marketing Strategy?


BlackBerry Jam Americas is coming along really nicely. There’s some excellent updates for developers including updated tools, a new BlackBerry Dev Alpha device and a BlackBerry 10 upgrade to the Dev Alphas that includes some amazing new features. From a developer’s perspective, the pieces are all falling into place and the puzzle is almost complete. But there’s one major question that’s still on everyone’s mind: what is RIM’s marketing strategy for BlackBerry 10 in order to get the users.
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