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RIM Hits The Road With BlackBerry PlayBook Mobile Tour


RIM has kicked off a US tour to showcase the BlackBerry Playbook. The BlackBerry Playbook-emblazoned tractor trailer will feature a full multimedia demo area extolling the virtues of their new professional grade tablet. People can also get a hands on look at the slick new device at a tethered demo station, even bridge their device to give it a test drive with your media and content.

The tour begins tomorrow, Tuesday May 3rd from 9 to 5 in New York’s Herald Square. (Broadway and 34th Street).

To see when the BlackBerry Playbook Mobile Tour is making it’s way to your city, visit www.playbooktour.com
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The Need for Marketing Standards Across App Stores


A&T marketing requirements
The above shows some of the marketing requirements needed to submit to AT&T

Anyone who has a portfolio of apps and multiple sales channels knows the pain of submitting marketing assets. Whether it’s App World, Mobihand, AT&T, VCast or Rogers Mall, they all ask for their own ridiculous banner, splash and screenshot sizes. Many industries have benefited from clear standards, and the various app stores around the world need to come to an understanding of marketing standards as well. The computer peripheral market has benefited tremendously from adopting standards, so lets get the app stores on board with a set of standards as well; for everyone’s sake.
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Will the PlayBook Generate Lines Like the iPad 2?


ipad 2
A line for the iPad 2 in Ottawa, Canada. The line went all the way outside the mall.

Apple has a great history of being able to generate lines for their products. It’s a combination of their product development cycle and their ability to create a loyal following that makes consumers want to be among the first to have their products.

Back at one of the AGMs, someone bluntly asked Jim Balsillie why RIM is unable to create a similar buzz and while the question was dodged a little, it’s definitely a fair point that speaks to the two companies’ different product and marketing strategies. But maybe the PlayBook will be different. On the one hand, consumers are probably really interested in the PlayBook and surely some want to be among the first to own it, but RIM has also been showcasing this product for months now and a lot of the allure seems gone. We’ve seen the same demo of the PlayBook over and over and over and over and over.

Will you be lining up for a PlayBook?

If you don’t think the PlayBook will generate lines, maybe someone should hire actors to stand in line for a PlayBook and dupe the local media. At least it would make for a hilarious blog post.

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Love What You Do: RIM’s Chief Marketing Officer Resigns


blackberry marketing

RIM’s chief marketing officer, Keith Pardy, has just resigned, citing “personal reasons” for his departure. The resignation is terrible timing as RIM is in a critical phase for marketing as the company launches its first tablet and begins a transition to a QNX OS. Even though the resignation may have nothing to do with events at the company, the resignation doesn’t bode well considering how much marketing is needed in the coming months. Apparently Pardy will stay on for the next 6 months to help transition in somebody new. Hopefully the new marketing officer will do a great job of promoting the “new” BlackBerry.

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Should Application Storefronts Allow App Name Duplication?


glucose tracker in app world
“Glucose Tracker” search results in App World

It looks like App World is the only major smartphone storefront to allow for app name duplication. A search of “glucose tracker” in App World, App Store and the Android Market, reveals that only BlackBerry returns the same app name from two different companies. It’s not clear whether this is an oversight on RIM’s part, or if the company is taking a stance on the issue by allowing app name duplication.

On the one hand, this can cause some headaches with two companies confusing marketing efforts, or having their support lines crossed by users unsure of which company to contact. From a user perspective, it’s not much of a concern because you generally make your app download/purchase decision based on other factors such as reviews, recommendations and price.
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BlackBerry, Frank’s Hot Sauce and Chili Pens “Spark” Possibilities


Click to enlarge

Our buddy RogersDude69 sent over something funny. Apparently BlackBerry reps are going around Rogers retail stores and handing out their latest marketing initiative called “spark possibilities”. What do you think of when you hear the word “spark”? Frank’s Hot Sauce and a chili pen of course. Let’s file this one under WTF Marketing and just forget about it. Agreed?

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