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PayAnywhere Mobile Payments App and Credit Card Reader Now Available in BlackBerry App World


PayAnywhere has announced the availability of its highly anticipated mobile payment application and credit card reader for BlackBerry smartphones. With a complete set of mobile payments features, around the clock customer support and an online Merchant Portal, PayAnywhere is the most comprehensive mobile payment solution currently available in BlackBerry App World.
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Yes-Wallet.com Launches NFC Enabled Pouch App With VISA and Mastercard Support


NFC is one of the most exciting features of modern BlackBerrys. The Near Field Communication feature will allow you to share media between devices as well as use your BlackBerry as a mobile wallet. Recently, Yes-Wallet.com launched a new BlackBerry app called Pouch, that supports NFC and lets you connect your VISA and MasterCards. The company is also ready to expand the service to gift cards, loyalty programs and debit cards.
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MasterCard Launches MoneySend Service for BlackBerry



MasterCard has launched a free money transfer service app in App World that lets US citizens transfer money from person-to-person from their BlackBerry. The app works by allowing the user to send or request money via their BlackBerry through participating banks and credit unions or when they create a virtual prepaid account through Bancorp Bank. Users can then link their existing debit or credit cards or bank checking account to the new virtual prepaid account and begin sending money via their BlackBerry. The designated account funds the MoneySend transaction, and users can manage and trigger the exchanges through the app.
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Tyfone’s SideTap Card Allows Payments by microSD Card


The news that MasterCard and the major carriers have teamed up via Zoompass has got the industry excited about the idea that smartphone payments are fast approaching. The newest player on the scene is Tyfone’s SideTap card. The card can function as a payment device, allowing the user to scan their smartphone over a PayPass system. The product is said to hit the market in the second half of 2010, with trials slated to begin mid year.
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ATM Hunter – Free ATM Finder App by MasterCard


ATM Hunter by MasterCard lets you find ATMs around the world using GPS on your BlackBerry. You can enter an address, or simply search using your current location. Once you search for an ATM, the app will provide you with the location of the ATM, along with the type of location it’s at (store, gas station etc.), as well as the distance. You can also filter searches for ATM features such as: drive through, 24hr service, wheelchair accessible, and more.

The app has mixed reviews on App World, as some users reported that the GPS feature didn’t work. I found this to be the case myself, which is a shame because I’ve been looking for an app like this. It’s free on App World so give it a shot for yourself and let us know.

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Zoompass Announcements Bring Us Closer to Mobile Payments


Zoompass have made several announcements today that position them as leaders in wireless payments. With the Zoompass Tag, and the Zoompass app for BlackBerry, the company is helping to push the industry away from paper and onto our smartphones.

The Zoompass Tag is a sticker that you put on the back of the device, allowing you to make payments by swiping your smartphone rather than a physical card. The 43mm by 33mm sticker is currently accepted where MasterCard’s PayPass is offered, such as Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Petro Canada and Loblaws.

Another initiative related to this venture is the news that TELUS are pushing the Zoompass BlackBerry app. All of the major Canadian carriers are on board, and we’re going to be seeing this app on more devices. The app can be used to send, receive, and request money, instantly and securely, on your mobile phone. While it’s free to register, there are still fees associated with the service.

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