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Show Off Your Awesome New BBM Profile With Animated Avatar by Mblware


One of the awesome features of the latest version of BBM is that you can use animated avatars. With Avatar Animator, a new app by mblware, you can get your own animated avatar for BBM. GIFs are a great way to express yourself and since there are very specific guidelines when using an animated GIF in your BBM profile, Avatar Animator scales animations to the proper specs. With Avatar Animator, you can set everything up quickly and easily. It may even work for Twitter (we have yet to test).
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Add Vintage Effects to Your Photos with LensBoost by MBLWare


LensBoost is a new app by MBLWare that gives your pics a vintage look and then lets you share them with your friends over Twitter, Facebook, and BBM. The app differentiates itself from others on the market by offering a clean UI as well as unique vintage filters/frames. The app also lets you apply these filters to full sized images without the need to crop.
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Share Polls and Surveys With BBM Contacts With Inquery by MBLWare


Inquery is the latest app from MBLWare and it lets you share polls, and surveys/questionnaires with your BlackBerry Messenger Contacts. Not only that, it allows you to query the public too by creating a poll which anybody can answer. More details after the break.
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A Quick Review of 50 Applications for the BlackBerry Torch


blackberry app list

How many apps do you have on your device? Turns out I have 50. I thought I would go through each one of them with a very quick, one sentence review of each. If you go through the list and know an app that’s better than the one I have, please recommend in the comments. I wouldn’t recommend this many apps as I find the device a little on the sluggish side. If you want your Torch running at full speed, it’s probably best to keep it to a minimal number of apps that you use on a constant basis. Click through for a quick review of 50 apps for the Torch:
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Keep Your Personal Life Secret With BlackBook 3


blackbook 3

BlackBook is a really cool app that lets you hide information on your BlackBerry from prying eyes. Sure, you can always put a password on your device, but that makes it obvious that you might have something to hide. What’s more innocent about someone with an unlocked device and everything there for you to see? The app doesn’t even have an icon and launches only with a secret key input.

New to BlackBook:

  • ENHANCED SMS FILTERING: To hide SMS, there’s no more Setup Guide to follow. No firewall settings to change. No complications. BlackBook now instantly hides SMS’ from newly added, and imported contacts!
  • THREADED SMS: Chat intuitively with hidden contacts using BlackBook’s new Threaded SMS feature!
  • REVAMPED INTERFACE: The Graphical User Interface has been totally overhauled and now offers a richer experience.
  • BACKUP & RESTORE CONTACTS: Never lose your contact list from an OS update, or changing phones again. All BlackBook contacts can now be backed up and restored.
  • REAL-TIME SEARCHING: Real-time Contact Searching lets you quickly locate, and communicate with your hidden contacts.
  • FAKE APP NAME: To keep it as hidden as possible, BlackBook will be listed as Clock in your Applications list.

BlackBook has a variety of other features that allow you to hide information on your phone so be sure to hit the store link and read up. Check out the latest version of BlackBook in the store, reasonably priced at $4.99.

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BlackBook V3 by mblware Now Accepting Beta Testers


blackberry v3

BlackBook is a popular app by mblware that is getting another major update to version 3. If you’re not familiar with the app, BlackBook is a hidden contact list for BlackBerry which hides your private contacts and conversations from public view. There is no icon to launch the app, and instead users much enter a customizable key combo on the keypad to access it.
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