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Infographic: Where Is My Phone? McAfee Promotes Mobile Security


mcafee stolen device

McAfee has a pretty cool infographic about how you lose your mobile phone and some basic statistics around the mobile security situation. It’s interesting to note that we embed so much personal data in a device that is so often misplaced and stolen. As consumers, we should be more conscientious of our data and the potential for identity theft. Whether you want to buy a product like McAfee is up to you. Keep in mind, you can always take free steps like encrypting your phone’s data and setting a password. It’s too bad RIM has ditched BlackBerry Protect because we would have recommended that too.

Check out McAfee’s mobile security platform at wavesecure.com.

McAfee Warns Users About BlackBerry Messenger Spam and Hoaxes



TrustedSource, the site maintained by Internet security specialists McAfee, are calling out BlackBerry Messenger as a potential threat for spam and hoaxes. The site is a hub for statistics gathered by McAfee and its customers, to give timely information about security threats and viruses. Their latest blog post reads:
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BlackBerry Storm to come with McAfee Mobile Security?


mcafee mobile security for the BlackBerry Storm

It’s late, I’ve pretty much just touched down in beautiful Santa Clara, so please don’t blame me (too much) if this has been written about before. However, upon hitting the tarmac, one of the emails hitting my inbox contained this image indicating that the Verizon BlackBerry Storm will come with a free 30-day trial of McAfee Mobile Security. McAfee Mobile Security does what you’d expect, scanning files, messages and downloads to makes sure they’re virus free.

Thoughts people? The thought of downloading a virus to your BlackBerry is fairly new to me, so I’m wondering if this is necessary.

Thanks for the tip, Kevin!