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Poynt and Missing Children Society of Canada Launch Search Alerts


A while ago we mentioned that Poynt and the Missing Children Society of Canada would be sending missing children alerts to Poynt users based on their location. The service is now live and child alerts will beare available to Poynt users on BlackBerry smartphone, iPhone and Android devices. Keep reading after the jump.
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Poynt Announces Partnership to Help Find Missing Children


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Poynt has made an interesting and heart-warming announcement lately that it will develop and implement the first geo-relevant push alert system for the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC). The push alert system will be able to quickly notify Poynt users within a relevant, geo-targeted area with their Child Search Alerts on breaking developments of an active missing child investigation. The notification will include important information about the missing child’s active case such as last known location, physical description, photos and other pertinent details to help Poynt users in the area identify the missing child.

While there are other apps on the market meant to alert users of missing children, the difference is that Poynt is bringing its 7+ million users. Having a large install base is critical because the more eyes on the missing child the better. A good example of this is the Facebook partnership with the Justice Department and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, to allow users to sign up to get Amber alert notifications of missing children.

Yet another reason to download Poynt: because it could help save a child’s life.

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