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MDS Runtime Developer Guide Blowout!


Hmm, it seems as though my stocking hanging upon the BBCool HQ mantle is already stuffed with holiday cheer. Such a gift just in time for Christmas can only mean one thing: RIM Developer Support Guru Mike Kirkup and his merry elves were hard at work all weekend preparing the latest installment of the BlackBerry Developer Newsletter! The BDN Holiday Edition seems to be all about taking advantage of the myriad BlackBerry MDS Runtime tools to create feature rich BlackBerry Applications. You’ll find all the relevant links below, as well as the latest Open Mike with Mike Kirkup, which focuses on the Breaking New Ground Technical Seminar that was such a hit.

DB-00683: How To – Push data to a BlackBerry MDS Runtime Application created in BlackBerry MDS Studio
DB-00650: What Is – Supported BlackBerry MDS Runtime versions for BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Server software
BlackBerry MDS Runtime Deployment Guide
Managing MDS Runtime Applications: BlackBerry Enterprise Sever Administration Guide


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Beta BlackBerry MDS Studio and MS Visual Studio plug-in released


Microsoft Visual Studio

Developers on the bleeding edge will want to check out some new beta tools released by RIM recently: version 2.0 of the BlackBerry MDS Studio and plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. Both feature enhanced JavaScript debugging and enhanced GPS functionality, while the new BlackBerry MDS Studio is bundled with the Eclipse plug-in first peeped back at EclipseCon and has some enhanced script editing functions. The Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in has a bunch of new application-invocation APIs that should be handy for devs looking to plug into both native and third-party programs.

(Community Support Forums via BerryReview)

New features in the BlackBerry MDS Studio and the plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio behind the jump!

BES 4.1 Service Pack 6 released


BlackBerry LogoAdmins rejoice! The latest patch for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is available for download. The device-side software made it out yesterday, and BIS was upgraded a couple of weeks ago, so the circle of upgrading is all completed. Big changes in this service pack include rich content e-mail, support for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and Lotus Sametime 8.0, and control RIM value-added applications. On top of that, reconciling permanent message deletion has been improved, and there are also some changes to the BlackBerry Configuration Database schema, the naming of collaboration clients, Mobile Data System conventions and related software. As for that PDF vulnerability, this patch should take care of everything A-O-K. Go ahead and download BES 4.1.6 here, or scope out the update notes here.

(via BerryReview)


BES 4.1 service pack 5 released


BlackBerry LogoAfter much ado, the latest BlackBerry Enterprise Server service pack is available, complete with free/busy lookup and monitoring tools. Rich e-mail viewing was cut from the feature list not too long ago, to the dejected sighs of suits everywhere. On top of that, the release seems to be only for Exchange and Domino, so MDS and Groupwise users will have to play the waiting game.

UPDATE: Heard from a little birdie that the rich text e-mail feature is actually in this service pack, just locked away. Even if you flipped the switch with an SQL command, the handhelds on your BES would need the corresponding handheld software to enjoy the long-awaited feature.