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Hypoxia Media Player with Streaming Over Home WiFi Network


hypoxia player

Earlier this month we mentioned that the Hypoxia media player would soon be available and mblware has let us know that it’s live in the store. Hypoxia allows you to stream media to and from devices on your home WiFi network. All you have to do is browse the networked media servers (eg TVersity or Windows Media Player) through Hypoxia, and select what you want to watch or listen to. Another cool feature is the ability to share what you’re watching or listening to over Twitter.

Hypoxia requires at least OS 5.0 and more information is available in the store.

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How to disable your BlackBerry backlight in Media Player (ASK JOE)


“Now that I can import iTunes playlists and album graphics to my Bold, how do I stop the backlight from turning off during playback when the unit is plugged in to power? Best I can find is 2:00 minutes. Help!”

You do have the ability to disable this option. If you go into Media Player options (Media icon> Menu > Options) and set the “Turn Off Auto Backlighting” option to No, your backlight will stay on while the Media Player is operating. Unfortunately you will have to disable this option if you are just running on battery because it will drain your battery very quickly.

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More BlackBerry Thunder pictures emerge


BlackBerry Thunder media player

We’ve got some more shiny pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder in action. Here you can check out how the media player will look while playing music, complete with title, artist and album art. There’s also a better look at the camera functions in both landscape and portrait modes. Flash, zoom, cropping, video and e-mail functions are all built into the main interface and a glimpse at what we can expect from OS 4.7. There are still plenty of pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder’s media player and virtual keypad out there, if you’re looking for more pics to slobber over.

(via BlackBerrySync)

BlackBerry Thunder pictures of the camera UI behind the jump…

BlackBerry Thunder media player shots surface


BlackBerry Thunder

We might have caught a glimpse at the BlackBerry Thunder, but we’ve got a bit more eye candy, and is it looking slick, or what? The shots look like they came from a document detailing some of the OS 4.7 multimedia functions of the unreleased touchscreen BlackBerry due out sometime before Christmas for CDMA carriers. The BlackBerry Thunder will apparently be packing a glass 360 x 480 screen, which seems like more than enough for full videos. The media player will also feature carrier music stores, which would be a great way to grab tunes wirelessly to your device. When recording video, you’ll be able to preview the whole thing in landscape mode, too. Not too shabby at all.

The touchscreen has been a point of contention, both among handheld users as well as RIM’s execs, but one way or the other, there’s a market for touch devices, and with the BlackBerry Thunder, RIM is clearly on board. Between the flip BlackBerry Kickstart, the Curve-style BlackBerry Javelin, the upcoming Bold, and now the BlackBerry Thunder, it’s clear that there’s a wide array of tastes BlackBerrys can reach out to. So, who’s salivating?

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A second BlackBerry Thunder pic after the jump!

More OS 4.6 details


BlackBerry 9000A recent video tour of the BlackBerry 9000 shows off the few new features in OS 4.6, including launching streaming video in the BlackBerry Media Player, geotagging right from the camera app, and a new Clock feature. The improved browser was nary to be seen, and BlackBerry Maps wasn’t included yet (likely due to tweaking needed for the new assisted GPS technology that the 9000 is packing), but the software will likely get all its gaps filled before release. Hardware-wise, the 9000’s keypad is significantly improved over the 8800’s, has a bigger battery (and extra weight to go with it), and is packing an uber-bright LED.

3rd.-party media player rocks playlists and cover flow


FlipSideA new media player is on the block, for those who can’t wait for OS 4.3 to get their playlists. FlipSide is in open beta right now, for your testing pleasure, featuring not only a customizable playlist, but also a very iPhone-esque cover flipping. I know some of you Mac guys out there want your swooshy user interface but still hang onto the BB functionality, which FlipSide certainly delivers. Using the scrollball to flip through albums feels great, and the controls are highly intuitive: spacebar to play and pause, hold it down to skip tracks, click the scroll button to view an album’s contents, and hold it down to add a track (or album) to your playlist. On top of smooth controls, FlipSide also downloads covers for your music and even links to Wikipedia biographies of the artists. If you listen to any music whatsoever, grab this now, it’s awesome. Hell, even if you don’t listen to music on your BlackBerry, this will make you want to.