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OS 4.3 features listed on RIM’s knowledgebase


BB LogoThe sharp-eyed Ronen has picked up on a knowledgebase article which outlines all the big changes in OS 4.3. For anyone not lucky enough to have picked up a new BlackBerry 8130, this should give you all the info you need.

Some of the big changes we’ve heard of before now, but here’s the round-up: enhanced SureType; wireless software updates; sending voice note by e-mail, PIN and IM; phone bass and treble adjustment; security options for locking long-distance and specific phone numbers; local search and route saving on BlackBerry Maps; video MMS support; streaming media; Media Player playlists; video recording; Bookmarks and History viewable on Browser launch; and finally, syncing address books and calendars with integrated e-mail, such as Yahoo! and (presumably) Gmail if you’re on BIS 2.4. Pretty awesome stuff!

OS 4.3 screenshots sighted with media player upgrades


Screen 3Over on the BlackBerry Forums some screenshots of OS 4.3 on a BlackBerry 8300 have surfaced. As noted by BGR, one of the bigger changes is voice notes getting folded in to the media player, along with an added playlist function. The messaging side of things got a bit of a graphical tweak, but nothing especially exciting beyond that. The OS still isn’t out yet, so more features may still be included before release.

Screenshots behind the jump.