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“BlackBerry Back” to be the latest techno-affliction?


Everyone’s heard of “BlackBerry Thumb” at this point, but your hands aren’t the only thing left to suffer for your BlackBerry addiction - apparently continual usage has some consequences on posture. Medical researchers are trying to pin down exactly what chronic texting does to our hunched shoulders and bent backs.

“There’s a strong possibility there is a problem, but we don’t know,” [Richard Wells, a kinesiology professor at the University of Waterloo,] says. Anecdotal reports aren’t proof, but, he says, they are “a useful trigger to say, ‘Let’s have a closer look at this.’ … We certainly hear the stories about it,” says Ben Amick, scientific director of the Toronto-based Institute for Work & Health and Dr. Wells’s research partner. … We’re asking, what is the distribution of muscular-skeletal problems in people who use hand-held devices? …We’ll know more in a year.”

We’ve talked to some medical experts about what BlackBerry use does to our hands and to our eyes on the BBCool Podcast, so we’re sure interested seeing what results from these latest studies.

(via Globe and Mail)

Vaultus teams up with Covisint for medical software


StethoscopeA Mobile Patient Dashboard is on the way from Vaultus and Covisint, which promises to bring secure, patient-specific information to medical professionals on the move. Apparently at least half of those professionals are packing a smartphone, and by 2011 that number will rise to 70%. The last time we heard about something like this was back in February, but it never hurts to have options - keep your eyes peeled for Mobile Patient Dashboard soon.

BlackBerry and medical software free after rebate


StethoscopeeAccess has launched a new deal where you can get a BlackBerry Curve 8320 or Pearl 8120 for free after a mail-in rebate. The phones come bundled with The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy and Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia Deluxe from USBMIS. The books are well known in the medical industry: The Sanford Guide is a complete antimicrobial reference, while Tarascon Pocket offers detailed information on a number of drugs, including dosage information and much more.

pMDsoft 4.0 available on BlackBerry


pMDsoft has released their self-titled charge capture solution on BlackBerry. Doctors can now enter patient names, diagnoses, procedures, and more into their BlackBerry and have it automatically synced with all the other members of their practice. The software also features the full history of every patient’s visit, text search of diagnoses, procedures, and notes, the ability to share patients between doctors, and quite a lot more. While it might sound like a cure-all, this isn’t the only medical software for BlackBerry by a long shot. You practically can’t practice without one.

BlackBerrys aid in speedy cardiac treatment


MedicalThe fine folks at St. Mary’s Regional Cardiac Care Centre and Waterloo Region Emergency Medical Service have set up a new system where an on-scene cardiogram can be sent to a BlackBerry at the hospital and lets the patient skip emergency and get right into the cardiac treatment area. In one instance, the new system beat the worldwide average for dealing with these kinds of medical emergencies by 13 minutes. When an artery’s blocked, every second can be a godsend.

“It’s such a critical time frame,” said Renner, one of four interventional cardiologists who do angioplasty at St. Mary’s. “You want to get the artery open as quickly as possible. It’s all about speed.” The longer the part of the heart that is affected by the blockage is deprived of a blood supply, the more damage to the heart muscle and the greater the risk to the patient’s survival and quality of life. A balloon-tipped catheter can clear the blockage and keep the artery open with the insertion of a wire stent. “We’ve had some cases where you essentially almost abort the heart attack and have almost no damage at all.”

This is the first program of its kind in Canada, so once its been proven to work, maybe we can see it adopted elsewhere. Thanks Hayden!

BlackBerry software available for OB/GYNs


StethoscopeUBMIS, the developer of an impressive list of medical apps for BlackBerry, Palm and PocketPC, have released Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility, which offers a wide array of tables, flow charts and information on all things baby-makin’. Other topics covered include ultrasound, genetics, endrocinology, menopause, pelvic anatomy, breast cancer treatment and plenty more. UBMIS is also offering their print edition bundled with a 1-year subscription for the handheld, so if you’re in the field, check it out. Thanks Josep!

MedShare helps out home health care workers


Stethoscope MedShare is busting out BlackBerry handheld software to help home workers access, input and share client information remotely. Their big angle here is to replace the existing paper-based system with something a little quicker, but I think it’s safe to say that although BlackBerrys can help disseminate data faster, there’s no substitute for paper. Still, less paperwork and higher efficiency means less stress on home health staff and better retention.

Patient-tracking app joins ISV


StethoscopeWe’ve got yet another addition to the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor Alliance… today it’s Confidant, who make an app for mobiles which monitors, transmits and stores data relating to chronic disease, collected wirelessly from medical devices. Diabetes and obesity are their primary targets right now, with asthma and prescription dosage monitoring in the works, but it’s easy to see the far-reaching medical applications of this kind of platform. Confidant doesn’t just track and store information for the sake of making caregivers’ lives easier, but it also gives visualizations and feedback on health status so patients can see how they’re doing themselves. If that study looking at exactly this kind of patient care pans out, Confidant will have some good, hard numbers to back up their software.

Free drug look-up on BlackBerry


PillsRonen just spotted some cool new free medical software for BlackBerry called Epocrates Rx. Epocrates is a drug and formulary reference guide, allowing for quick dosing, side-effects, monitoring, pharmacology and pricing information across over 3,300 drugs. This is the first BlackBerry software Epocrates is offering, but they have a bunch of deluxe packages for Palm and Windows Mobile that can hopefully be ported over to BlackBerrys soon.

BlackBerrys to track patient symptoms


StethoscopeA study is being launched by Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamiolton, Ontario where patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease will record and transmit their daily symptoms via BlackBerry. The handhelds will not only allow patients to communicate with health care professionals straight from home, but it should also allow for earlier intervention when situations worsen. The data gathered from the study could also help in determine trends in the disease.

“We also are hoping to pinpoint with more precision the high-risk peak periods of the year,” he said. Johnston said there are signs that the period between Christmas and New Year’s is a particularly risky period for COPD patients. Festive and family events, stress and different eating patterns may all have an impact on the severity of symptoms, he said but little is currently known about the causes of the Christmas epidemics of COPD.”