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MedShare helps out home health care workers


Stethoscope MedShare is busting out BlackBerry handheld software to help home workers access, input and share client information remotely. Their big angle here is to replace the existing paper-based system with something a little quicker, but I think it’s safe to say that although BlackBerrys can help disseminate data faster, there’s no substitute for paper. Still, less paperwork and higher efficiency means less stress on home health staff and better retention.

MedShare released for BlackBerry, saves RNs headaches


MedShare is now supporting BlackBerry functionality, allowing home care professionals to cut down on paperwork time by up to 10%. That might not seem like much, but anything the reduces the headaches of folks in health care is A-O-K in my books. MedShare really makes BlackBerry seem as the ideal choice as a platform for this kind of work.

“We’ve hit a critical mass,” [Barry Billings, president of MedShare] says. “We have electronic health records available through MedShare, wireless access through the BlackBerry platform, and society needing better health care access. Those three elements are combining to prompt the sector to re-invent how it delivers health care, and MedShare is the answer.”

Normally, I let boring BlackBerry software releases that involve paper-shuffling slip by, but when the person shuffling that paper is a medical professional trying to keep track of my grandmother’s innumerable ailments, I’ll stop to take pause. For any doctors in the house, more information can be found here.