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‘Cool Deals: 8GB microSD going for $39.99


Meritline 8GB microSD cardThe bigger memory cards for BlackBerry can get pretty expensive, but this is a solid deal. Meritline is selling 8GB A-DATA microSD cards for a scant $39.99, complete with converter and free standard shipping within the US. The downside is that us international folks are boned – it looks like the only shipping method I qualify for up here in Canada is FedEx International which runs a scandalous $59.52. And here I was looking to replace my junky 512 card for the BlackBerry Bold. Looks like we’ll have to find another place for cheap memory cards up in the cold, desolate north… Seen any good deals lately?

(via BerryReview)


Aerize Card Loader deal


Aerize Card LoaderOne of the consistent complaints about BlackBerry is the lack of internal memory available for applications. Sure, microSD cards add some storage for media files, but programs have to be launched directly from the device. Well, Aerize has an interesting solution that involves swapping out applications stored on your BlackBerry’s physical memory onto the memory card so you can store more apps. These guys have an awesome sale going on now, where you can grab not only the card loader, but their fine file explorer (which includes a zip and unzip utility) for half off regular price. These are some very handy tools for those looking to save some room on their handheld… be sure to take advantage before the sale runs out on Friday!

BlackBerry 8330 getting a memory upgrade?


BlackBerry 8330The latest rumors on the CDMA Curve are suggesting increased internal memory. Right now, the newest BlackBerrys are touting 64 MB, but these screenshots of Sprint’s 8330 show 80 MB of flash memory. Yay upgrades, but a lot of posters are awfully cynical about the news, saying it’s just not enough to keep up with competitors, while others counter that microSD is where the real memory comes from. Cards are getting bigger

16 GB microSDHC memory card due in June


12GBWell, SanDisk is set to one-up Samsung’s rumored 8 GB microSD HC card this summer with a 16 GB deal due out in June. For now, Sandisk is featuring concepts of a 12 GB card at CES, which we can likely expect on shelves soon. Figuring out which BlackBerrys supprt high capacity memory cards has always been a bit tricky, as you mostly have to go on anecdotal evidence. Press releases, like the 8820’s, sometimes mention support, but not always. The best I’ve gathered is that any BlackBerry made after the 8830 has high capacity microSD card support, with the possibility of OS upgrades allowing younger models to use them.

Memory cards to outsell headsets


Memory cardsABI Research just published a paper today that forecasts memory cards to have sold $7 billion this year, while headsets take second place in the mobile accessory market at $5 billion. The prime reason for this is that headsets are becoming more frequently bundled with devices, while memory cards still need to be bought separately. This shift isn’t a huge surprise, since mobile multimedia is gaining popularity and needs to address hardware bottlenecks. With high capacity SD cards becoming more widespread and the new UFS card gaining support, the memory market is looking pretty sweet.


Nokia supporting new memory standard


NokiaNokia, Samsung and a handful of other manufacturers announced yesterday that they’re looking to bring all devices together into one happy family known as Universal Flash Storage. One of the primary drivers of this new standard is to do away with the need for size adapters, which is a worthwhile cause in my books. Nokia’s setting the bar pretty high for UFS: “Today, users experience a three-minute access time for a 90-minute (4 Gigabyte) high-definition movie; with the new standard, this would be reduced to a few seconds.” Ultimately, the standard will encompass both internal and external memory across a wide range of devices. As flash storage users, BlackBerrys could very well get in on this action, at least once the standard is finalized in 2009.