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Email, SMS and missed call notification for your BlackBerry


message peek

The blinking LED on our Berrys is great—letting us know when we have a new email / SMS / missed call / whatever. But the actual notification itself stops there. This is where Message Peek comes in. Rather than just getting a blinking LED, when you receive an Email or SMS, Message Peek pops up with a (beautiful) notification. Here, in big, readable font, you get the ‘From’ and “subject’ of the email, in addition to the entirety of the email below. You can then choose from the options at the tope to Close, Reply, Reply All, Forward, Mark as Read or Go to your Inbox. It’s as simple as that, but much like BerryBuzz, it’s a program that you won’t realize how much you need until you’ve had it for a few days.

So let’s dig in, and look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.
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