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MessageSchedule 2.0 allows you to schedule emails on your BlackBerry



MessageSchedule allows you to send SMS or email messages at whatever time you would like. There is a clean user interface where you can keep track of your message schedule, and templates make sending the same message much easier.

The application has recently been updated as well. Some updates in version 2.0 of MessageSchedule include:

  • Email service to be used for sending out message can be selected now. So the right email service is used for sending a message.
  • Schedule messages to be sent out regularly on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

MessageSchedule is available for $9.99.

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S4BB launches MessageSchedule – schedule SMS and emails



S4BB generally puts out quality software and they have recently released MessageSchedule for BlackBerry.

MessageSchedule allows you to prepare an SMS or email, and schedule them for automatic delivery at any time and date.

Features of MessageSchedule include:

* Create, view, edit and deleted scheduled SMS and E-mail messages.
* Send an SMS or E-mail at a specified time.
* Record the sizes and number of SMS and E-mail messages sent.
* Keep track of the total cost of all SMS and E-mail messages which have been sent with MessageSchedule.
* Schedule a reply or forward easily from the BlackBerry SMS and E-mail application.
* Create message templates for quick scheduling of previously scheduled messages.

Purchase MessageSchedule from S4BB for $9.99.