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SXSWi: Is All This Advertising Really Worth It?



If you had the chance to experience South by Southwest Interactive, the first thing that hits you is the noise. It seems almost every person in the world with a tech startup is at the show hustling and trying to be the next big thing. Popular marketing tools at the show include stickers, posters, QR codes, and cute girls with pamphlets whom some of them can’t answer basic questions about the app. One company that was making a huge push was GroupedIn. The company went further than most, buying up mobile billboards and trying to stay above the noise by pouring marketing dollars into the show. But is it really worth it?
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Kik Offers Free Messaging with Music Sharing App to Come


Kik Chat is a great service for anyone that uses a lot of SMS, as Kik allows for free Kik-to-Kik messaging, much like Skype does for calling. The company have some great projects on the way, including a music app which lets you share DRM-free music with your friends. I think it’s safe to assume that Kik Chat and the music app will be fully integrated, making it a cheap and easy way to communicate with your friends.
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