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BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 launches October 7th



BlackBerry® Messenger is the instant messaging (IM) program that’s unique to BlackBerry smartphone users. You can instantly chat, send and receive pictures, and set your availability status using a familiar desktop IM look and feel—all from your BlackBerry smartphone.

A new version of BlackBerry Messenger will soon be available. We’ve been trying a leaked version of BBM 5.0 for a couple of months now and we couldn’t be more impressed with the new features:

  • Enhanced SMS -Allows for a conversational chat-like user experience with a single contact list for the most personal mobile-to-mobile communications
  • Avatars -Users can choose a picture from the BlackBerry Smartphone gallery and save it as their personal avatar, which will be seen by their contacts. They can also view other avatars in the contact list and zoom in on the avatars of contacts participating in a conversation by selecting “View participants.”
  • Large Media File Transfer -Users can send/receive large file transfers up to 6 megabytes for pictures, files and audio.
  • Enhanced Group Functionality -Allows for the ability to update, share & communicate with a subset community.
  • Bar-code Identity -A user can add a contact to the BlackBerry Messenger contact list by displaying a 2-dimensional bar code that invitees can capture with their device cameras.
  • Reliable Contact Backup and Restore -Contacts are backed-up on a server and do not require the need for BlackBerry® Desktop Manager.



BlackBerry Instant Messaging Clients (Head-to-Head Review)


BlackBerry Instant Messenger Clients Review

After encountering a half-zillion different IM clients the other week, we thought it might be prudent to throw them all in the ring together and see how they compare. It’s a beefy list, indeed… in terms of stand-alone clients, we have BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and Google Talk. Among the multi-platform apps, we have Palringo, IM+, Mundu, Instango, JiveTalk, and WebMessenger.

AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and Microsoft Live Messenger are also options if you’re packing a supported device.

The full monster-god of BlackBerry instant messenger reviews is behind the jump!