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Metalic BlackBerry Theme with Built-in Battery and Signal Alerts



HedoneDesign have a new theme out called Metalic. I’ve installed it and the icon design is really working for me. Personally, I’ve always loved the original OS 5 style icons best as they’re so easy to recognize, and this theme has a similar aesthetic.

Metalic features hidden icons, homescreen dimming (toggled with space and escape keys) and according to HedoneDesign, speed and longer battery life were the foundation of this new design. Other features include:

  • A low battery warning appears on the homescreen when your battery is below 20% capacity.
  • If there are signal problems, a warning signal appears on the homescreen.

This theme is a little on the pricey side but with the coupon code MHD20 you get 20% off. Check them out in the BlackBerry Cool Store.

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