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Nuance plays matchmaker to voice and GPS


NuanceJust in time for the GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8310, Nuance has launched a voice-activated navigation program dubbed Nuance Voice Control. Outside of directions, the software will also allow you to dictate e-mails, along with a whole slew of voice-based searches, including localized 411 business searches, weather, news, the whole shebang. For six bucks a month, that doesn’t sound too shabby.

“Combining speech recognition with GPS functionality allows easy access to feature-rich location-based capabilities using simple voice commands,” said Michael Thompson, vice president and general manager, mobile search and communications, Nuance. “With Nuance Voice Control, it’s easier than ever to conduct 411 searches on mobile devices, with the added benefit of location relevance. Nuance Voice Control also brings mobile navigation to a new level of convenience. With voice-enabled driving directions, users simply push one button and speak a destination point to the NVC application. Directions from their present position are then displayed on the handset’s screen. All it takes is one click.”

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