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Food Recommendation App Tasterous Launches for BlackBerry


Ever since phones got cameras in them, people have been proudly snapping photos of the food they’ve made or take pictures of their wonderfully plated restaurant orders before digging in. Enter Tasterous, a food sharing and discovery app that has all the features you need to manage your culinary micro-blog.

Based out of Indonesia, Tasterous utilizes the Foursquare API’s venue data to manage checkins. After checking in, users upload photos of dishes that are counted as “tastings”. Posting tastings give you points as well invites comments from your followers.

Originally called Cicipi (that’s taste in Indonesian), they’ve adopted the name Tasterous for their worldwide launch. Download Tasterous for BlackBerry, and start adding friends with good taste.

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Glide OS launches free BlackBerry app for micro-blogging



Glide OS is an ad free cloud storage and computing solution that provides a free suite of rights-based productivity and collaboration applications with 20GBs of storage. While I haven’t tried the OS, I like the idea of all my apps and desktop sitting in the cloud, to free up resources for my hardware.
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Viigo launches microblogging for enterprise users with StatusNet



Viigo has introduced a secure, mobile microblogging service for enterprise in conjunction with StatusNet support. This may be the first of its kind.

If you aren’t familiar with StatusNet, it’s basically a Twitter for corporate users. It’s a free, Open Source, microblogging platform where users can exchange 140 character messages either over the public Internet, or securely via a corporate Intranet.

While corporate Twitter accounts are generally very reserved due to brand and legal considerations, microblogging does mean more collaboration which makes it ideal for enterprise. By creating a secured microblogging service, companies can leverage the power of microblogging services, without worrying about the security implications.

For more information visit, the Viigo Enterprise Solutions page.