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Free SD card syncing app


Media Card Sync logoJosep from miblackberry.com just released a free app called Media Card Sync. The app provides an easy interface for syncing your media card between your BlackBerry and your desktop, backing up only what’s new or changed rather than the whole card. The page itself is in Spanish (Google translation here), but the software itself is in English. Check it out!

Ascendo Photos 3 released


Ascendo Photos v3Ascendo’s latest version of their BlackBerry picture viewer has been released, now featuring microSD support, new loading options like watched directories and automatic photo detection, and editing options like rotation, brightness and contrast. It sounds like a pretty big update, especially with being able to read pictures from the microSD card. A photo management program must be fairly limited when it relies on BlackBerry’s 64 MB of internal memory, especially when most of that is gobbled up by a plethora of other apps. If you’re looking to give Ascendo Photos a go, you can pick it up here. Full release notes available here.

16 GB microSDHC memory card due in June


12GBWell, SanDisk is set to one-up Samsung’s rumored 8 GB microSD HC card this summer with a 16 GB deal due out in June. For now, Sandisk is featuring concepts of a 12 GB card at CES, which we can likely expect on shelves soon. Figuring out which BlackBerrys supprt high capacity memory cards has always been a bit tricky, as you mostly have to go on anecdotal evidence. Press releases, like the 8820’s, sometimes mention support, but not always. The best I’ve gathered is that any BlackBerry made after the 8830 has high capacity microSD card support, with the possibility of OS upgrades allowing younger models to use them.

UPDATED: Telus 8130 hits online store, Ottawa gets in early


Telus 8130Canadians rejoice! Telus has opened up the BlackBerry 8130 for sale, $199.99 with a three year hook in your cheek. Side-loading microSD slot, 2 mpx camera, EVDO compatibility, GPS, A2DP, and comes bundled with not only the lovely new Facebook app, but also Pocket Express. A solid release combined with Telus’ generally rosy third quarter report paints a pretty picture for this carrier’s near future. Props to BlackBerry Sync for nailing the dates and deets.

UPDATE: With a bit of smooth talking, yours truly got the Telus folks here in Ottawa to crack open their shipment early. The rep I talked with hadn’t touched a BlackBerry before, so she was just about as excited as I was to give it a shot.

Pics, video and impressions behind the jump!

32 GB microSDHC card due mid-’08?


8GB microSDHCPinstack vet cp6169 has managed to get some play time with the BlackBerry 8130, where he managed to get the scoop on some tidbits, including bass and treble adjustments for calls, harder keypad, as well as Bluetooth and camera improvements. The hidden gem among all of it was the hint that 32 GB microSDHC memory cards are due out by the middle of next year. For those not keeping track, we’re now up to 8 GB on something the size of your pinky’s fingernail. All that being said, a fair estimate would put a 16 GB card due out around February, if progress is steady.

Bacon on BlackBerry: Multimedia


Musical NoteStill carrying an MP3 player alongside your BlackBerry? That’s sooooo 2007. BlackBerrys have come a long way in the last couple of years. I used to carry around a cell phone, my BlackBerry and my MP3 player. Yes, my pockets were very full. The 7100v changed that as I dropped down to one communications device, but I still had my MP3 player.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to use the BlackBerry 8120 for a few weeks now and I’m impressed. I threw a 2GB microSD card in the side (finally), loaded up some MP3s (Foo Fighters, Billy Talent, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, etc.), threw another 1GB microSD card in my wallet (Solitudes, Blue Man Group, POD casts… I never know what I’ll feel like) and headed out. I haven’t looked back.

I decided this weekend to see what the BlackBerry could do for video. Who wants the watch The View, a Fishing Show or TechTV while at the gym? I somehow legally obtained a Seinfeld episode and loaded it on my BB. That made the elliptical machine much more amusing and got me thinking about other media-related improvements I’d like to see on the BlackBerry…

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