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Xobni Plus now available with BlackBerry version soon to come


Xobni is a must-have application for those using Outlook. Simply put, it connects your Outlook contacts and emails with the major social networks, thus giving you an additional layer of detail to your mail and contacts. The service also provides better search functionality to the Outlook platform. Bill Gates called it “very, very cool. The future of social networking.”

With Xobni Plus, you get all the functionality of the free version, with some new features including:

  • Advanced search query builder
  • Ability to search within conversations and networks
  • Support for phrases and Boolean queries
  • Xobni Rank-powered autosuggest
  • Advanced conversation and network filtering

I’ve been told by the company that Xobni for BlackBerry will be available this summer. I’ll get some updates about the BlackBerry product as soon as possible, and you can register to be notified when it launches.

Download the free version of Xobni for Outlook and try it out.

If you like it, consider upgrading to Xobni Plus for $29.95.


Free web and BlackBerry solution will revolutionize your calendar


tungle ui blackberry

Tungle Accelerate is a free and comprehensive web-based platform. It is a next-generation solution that increases the value, improves the effectiveness and extends the life of current electronic calendaring systems by seamlessly linking and syncing its platform to provide advanced features for Outlook, Exchange, Google Calendar, iCal and Entourage, among others.

Tungle Accelerate significantly increases the accuracy while decreasing the time it takes to schedule and book meetings between individuals or groups – inside or outside an organization. It enables the proposal of multiple time slots with just one click; for the first time, permits people to see all invitees’ free / busy schedules both inside and outside organizations’ groupware platforms, before invitations are sent – and prevents double-booking through its intelligent and dynamically updated meeting invitations. This significantly decreases frustration and accelerates the speed of booking meetings.

“Despite all of the advances in communications and online meeting tools, people often still feel hopelessly frustrated when trying to schedule a meeting for a group of people from different organizations because of the difficulty in accessing calendars,” said Mark Levitt, vice president for Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 Strategies at IDC. “Tungle changes this paradigm by accelerating the process of sharing relevant calendar information to allow people to focus on having productive meetings, rather than on meeting logistics.”
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BlackBerry is an essential device for any telecommuter


I like to read the Sales by 5 blog every now and then because power user Nan Palmero works at the company and it’s good inspirational reading. A recent post on their blog is talking about “Using Great Technology” which of course involves a BlackBerry.

About two months ago, some things in my life changed, and I decided to move away from San Antonio. Rather than fearing for my job, I went straight to Erik and told him about my situation. We chose to put our state of the art technology to the test! With the use of our BlackBerry devices, Dell laptops equipped with shared calendars and contacts by Microsoft Outlook, google talk, a Sprint Air Card during the move, and Foonz conference call service, I have managed to stay an important part of the team. What we do and how well we do it have not changed. Among other responsibilities, Erik and Nan rely on me for all of their scheduling from nearly 1,000 miles away. Great technology is one thing that our team could not afford to sacrifice. This is the future of the work environment. Are you investing in great technology? And if so, are you using it to better your team?



Bacon on BlackBerry: Ringtones, trackballs and Outlook (oh my!)


Jeff BaconIt’s been a long time since we’ve seen an update from Magmic‘s BlackBerry guru, Jeff Bacon, but that’s because he’s been hard at work this summer with Bacon family barbeques in his backyard plunging the depths of RIM’s inner sanctum looking for answers to your most pressing questions. So sit back and take a load off, as our BlackBerry expert regales you with stories of glowing trackballs and the dreaded ‘red X’. Oooh, spooky.

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