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Microsoft Celebrates Windows Phone 7 with Tacky Parade and Funeral for Competition


microsoft funeral for competition

Apparently Microsoft is set to spend $500 million in marketing to promote the upcoming Windows Phone 7, but if this parade is any indication of how they’re going to spend it, you have to wonder where the money is going. The above picture is a great example of how little they spent on this event. It looks like everyone was asked to put together their own costume, which meant most people just grabbed a couple of kooky wigs or something around the house. They also couldn’t take the time to even make a decent banner, opting for some gravestone clipart, ugly font, tacky colors, and to top it all off, it’s duct taped to the U-Haul rental.

Who organized this event? An elementary school?
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Win7ows Theme Social Networking Edition with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare


Catalyst have a cool new Windows 7 theme with social networking features. The Win7ows theme features a shortcut menu on the homescreen for Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. In order to use this feature, you need to have the official versions of each of these applications installed (Facebook for BlackBerry, Twitter for BlackBerry and Foursquare for BlackBerry). Also included in this theme is a Windows 7 Start Menu that allows you to add applications for quick access. Other features include:

  • Customized Icon on application screen and homescreen (Windows style)
  • Customized battery meter and signal meter
  • Transition effects on OS 5.0
  • Choose among 3 Windows 7 wallpapers you like in the wallpaper menu (homescreen)

Check out the Win7ows: Social Networking Edition premium BlackBerry theme.

Free Talk to Text App from Microsoft and Yap on Sprint


Talk-to-Text is a free app that lets you talk your emails and SMS rather than type them. The application was developed by Microsoft using Yap’s speech recognition service and is available to all Blackberry users on the Sprint network. While I haven’t personally tried it, I have tried other apps with Yap’s speech recognition technology. Yap does a good job of translating speech to text and this app is worth a download if you drive a lot.

Download Talk-to-Text from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office Document Editing Software for BlackBerry Reviewed


Since the release of the BlackBerry Presenter and the announcement of the iPad I’ve been thinking more about mobile word processing. Until now I was satisfied just using the notepad and email functions to export the note-taking I do on my BlackBerry, onto my desktop. When iPad’s iWork word processing got debuted, I started thinking about how great it would be to get advanced word-processing features on my text-nimble BlackBerry.

After some testing I found myself wondering why bold, italics, and basic text formatting aren’t part of the BlackBerry experience. I would love it if I could compose BBMs or emails in bold, italics, and strikethroughs.

Here are some of the solutions I tried. Both had about as much ease of purchase and registration as any game or theme, which was surprising for such valuable mobile utilities.
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BlackBerry Presenter Review: A Little Lag and A Lot of Potential



I have the latest accessory from RIM called the BlackBerry Presenter: a means of displaying PowerPoint presentations from your BlackBerry to a projector. The way it works is fairly simple. To get started, you do the following:

  • Download the Presenter app to your BlackBerry.
  • Connect the Presenter to a power outlet.
  • Connect your projector to the Presenter.
  • Pair your BlackBerry to the Presenter.
  • Open a PowerPoint file and in the menu section select “Present”.

After using the device with several different types of PowerPoint presentations, I can say that this accessory had some serious drawbacks, but also more potential than any other accessory RIM has ever made.
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Microsoft Office Ad Uses BlackBerrys Not WinMo



I realize this is a bit of a fluff piece post but Microsoft’s latest attempt at a viral video has the actors using BlackBerrys and not Windows Mobile devices. It’s very subtle but I think we can all agree that it’s still good product placement for RIM. The ad is pretty funny and probably does a good job of promoting Office, but it also inadvertently positions BlackBerry as the device of choice for professionals/secret agents. Microsoft’s ad agency Traffik/@radical.media was more focused on getting the fighter jet scene, than promoting every aspect of Microsoft’s business. Please RIM, don’t hire a corny ad agency to do stuff like this, stick to whoever is doing the Love What You Do campaign.

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