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Sava Transmedia’s Jesse Glick On Monetizing Free To Play Games


Sava Transmedia is a Montreal game studio of about 30 employees that makes the popular Facebook and iOS game Rubber Tacos. The game is free to play and is published by Zynga, which gives them a great deal of exposure and the volume required to make free to play work. We sat down at MIGS 2012 with Sava’s Director of Monetization Design, Jesse Glick.
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BlackBerryCool Representing at MIGS 2012


BlackBerryCool is at the Montreal International Game Summit from today until Wednesday. We’ve got some interesting interviews lined up with Unity, OMERS, Sava Transmedia, Benox and Hibernum Creations so stay tuned. Generally, we want to hear about developers thoughts on BlackBerry 10, as well as some opinions from publishers and investors. If you’re a game developer, check back each day for new content.
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