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Day 1 WES Videos: BlackBerry Bold and more! (Updated!)


Hey guys! Got a bunch of videos from our first day at WES. We’re going to keep adding more after the jump as the day goes on, so keep hitting this post. For now, enjoy the BlackBerry Bold.

More WES videos

WES 2008 Keynote: Mike Lazaridis and Mike De La Cruz and James M. Kilts (Keynote Party)


blackberrycoolmike.jpg8:34am Late to bed, late to rise! But BBCool is here in full effect, along with 12 million other people! Simon’s going to be manning the flickr stream, and you have BBCool Douglas handling the live blogging!

8:38am Last year, Mikey L. toughed through a keynote while sick. If he’s healthy this year, he should be 5x more effective

More liveblogging after the jump