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Startup Canada Takes a Tour of VeloCity Garage and Residence with Mike Kirkup


We talked a lot with Mike Kirkup over the years during his tenure at RIM as a VP of Developer Relations. Now, he’s Director of Student Innovation at VeloCity out of the University of Waterloo, giving startups the tools and resources they need to create great businesses.

VeloCity was created as a gateway to entrepreneurship for students. The program is a collaborative community of student innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. From ideation to prosperous startup, VeloCity is where our most promising students and alumni find support. For a tour of some of the facilities, check out the videos below and take a tour with Mike Kirkup.
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Rumor: Neil Sainsbury, Former BBSmart Founder, Promoted to Developer Relations


After the resignation of Mike Kirkup late last week, rumor has it that RIM will replace him with Neil Sainsbury. Neil’s former role at RIM was a Senior Application Development Consultant, where is job involved managing the technical relationship with game development and multimedia software companies, among other duties. He’s also the founder of BBSmart, makers of some very popular BlackBerry apps. It’s a logical promotion and it should be interesting to see what impact he has on the company. Click through for more details.
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Mike Kirkup, Director of Developer Relations, Resigns From RIM


Mike Kirkup, Director of Developer Relations, has resigned from RIM. According to his personal blog, he’ll be taking some time to step back and consider his next steps. It should be interesting to see where he goes next. We have seen a few senior employees at RIM leave to start their own businesses, and if Kirkup did the same it would be pretty awesome. More after the jump, including our nomination to replace Kirkup.
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RIM to Host Interactive Video Session for Developers May 25th


RIM is hosting an interactive video session where developers will get the chance to talk in depth about Super Apps, the Partners Fund Challenge, and announcements made at WES. This is a good opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have about developing for the platform, and RIM executives will be there throughout the hour-long session.

Join Mike Kirkup, Director of Developer Relations, and Tyler Lessard, VP Global Alliances & Developer Relations, on May 25th, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EDT.

More information and registration available on the BlackBerry Developer’s blog.

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BlackBerry to Push Ahead with Preloaded App World and Quality vs Quantity


I got a chance to speak with RIM’s Director of Developer Relations, Mike Kirkup, about BlackBerry App World. The BlackBerry global app store has undergone some big changes since it’s launch in the fall of 2008, with lots of exciting things happening in the near future.

In that time, RIM has noticed some developer issues when bringing mobile apps from other platforms over to BlackBerry and App World. Many developers, in an effort to rush to market have discovered just how fickle the platform can be. Many problems arise from the large amount of device and OS combinations, resulting in a laundry list of bugs. Other apps are not optimized for the BlackBerry, or simply don’t apply some of the advantages the BlackBerry platform offers such push data services.

This minor epidemic of well-intentioned but badly executed apps has caused the App World experience for some developers to be a bit sour, especially when users give apps a bad rating for not performing as intended. Bouncing back from a bad rating in App World is quite difficult, as bad ratings curb downloads and users are less likely to give a badly rated app a good rating further exacerbating the problem, even after the bugs have been fixed.
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Save the Date: RIM Webcast On Building Super Apps



RIM is hosting a webcast to talk about their latest initiative – BlackBerry Super Apps. According to RIM, “a Super App levaerages the unique capabilities of the BlackBerry platform to offer a seamless, integrated and efficient experience.”

During their webcast, you’ll learn how to:

  • Design apps that are stickier, more intuitive, more engaging and more valuable to users.
  • Maximize network efficiency and battery life with “always-on” apps that run in the background, quietly waiting for the right time to spring into action.
  • Add custom menu items and data to the Inbox, Address Book and Calendar so your apps are always one click away.
  • Leverage true push technology to deliver “just-in-time” data with audible notifications and customized messages

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010
Time: 2:00 PM EST
Presenter: Mike Kirkup, Director, Developer Relations

Register for the webinar today and learn how to build a Super App.

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