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A Look At RIM’s Accomplishments in 2009



Mike Kirkup over at the Developer’s Blog has a great post up recounting RIM’s accomplishments for 2009 with respect to BlackBerry developers. It’s a great list that includes all the major highlights such as the Developer’s Blog technical webcast, App World, the Developer Conference, the Developer Zone, their YouTube channel, as well as the most recent developments with OS 5.
Click through for a list of accomplishments that benefited BlackBerry developers in 2009

Register for a free BlackBerry developer webinar on application design



RIM is hosting another BlackBerry developer webinar and it’s your chance to get an in depth look at BlackBerry development.

Building on the momentum of their extremely successful Web Development and Toolkits webinar, RIM will be hosting a webinar with a focus on Mobile Application Design Considerations for Java Developers. Details are as follows:

Presenter: Sarim Aziz, Senior Application Development Consultant, Developer Relations

Panelists: Mike Kirkup, Director, Developer Relations
Date: Tuesday October 20, 2009.
Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST.

To register for the free webinar, or to simply get more information, follow this link to the webinar page.

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BlackBerry Developer Conference 2009 session catalog now live



The BlackBerry Developer Conference is trying a new strategy this year when it comes to attending sessions. There are over 40 sessions from BlackBerry development experts at RIM and this year they have been organized using tags so you can choose ones that are applicable to you.

In his BlackBerry Developer’s Blog post, Mike Kirkup describes the new tag system and breaks them down as follows:


  • Sessions are broken down based on the type of developer that may be most interested in attending this session including Commercial Enterprise Developers, Consumer Developers, Corporate Developers, Business (CIOs), and Application Architects/Designers.


  • Sessions are broken down based on the core technology they would discuss or leverage including Java, Web, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry Internet Service, and BlackBerry Developer Tools.


  • Sessions are further categorized based on a specialization of the topic including Multimedia, Location Based Services, User Interface, and Security.

Technical Level

  • Sessions are rated according to the expected knowledge level of attendees – introductory, intermediate and advanced.

Session Format and Attributes

  • We also give you the ability to filter sessions based on the format of the session (eg. RIM-lead Sessions vs. Community sessions) or by attributes of the session itself (eg. does the presenter provide a demo or sample code).

Hope to see you there!


RIM launches official BlackBerry Developer’s Blog



Mike Kirkup, Director of Developer Relations at RIM, has officially announced the launch of the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog.

The site will cover three main areas:

  • Technical Discussion and Insights – Including best practices for BlackBerry development, code snippets, and general technical information on how to make applications users will come back to time and again.
  • Market Insight – Discussions of trends and opportunities in mobile development and mobile applications that RIM sees from breathing the mobile industry every single day.
  • Developer Engagement – We have substantial plans to get more engaged with our regional and local developer communities all around the world, from Australia to Argentina and everywhere in-between. We will be using the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog to communicate events in your region and opportunities to meet other BlackBerry developers.

There are already some great posts up on the blog. My favorite is a post about Location Based Services. This is a fascinating and growing field in not only BlackBerry, but the mobile industry. Mike posted some excellent examples of how the technology can be utilized in BlackBerry applications such as:

  • An RSS reader could provide local stories relevant to your current location rather than requiring a postal/zip code.
  • A media player could stream music that incorporates local artists, encouraging people to support artists in their own backyard.
  • A travel application could help you find flights automatically knowing which airport you are stuck in.
  • A CRM application could provide you with a seamless experience in moving between your clients on your calendar for that day using turn by turn navigation and the locations stored in the CRM database.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next on their blog. Hit the site and leave a comment!

Also, congratulations to Doug Soltys, former Editor in Chief of BlackBerryCool.com for his first post on Inside BlackBerry announcing the Dev Blog. Looking good!

BlackBerry Application Storefront — Everything Developers Need to Know


BlackBerry Developer Newsletter

When BlackBerry Cool broke the news earlier this week that RIM was accepting submissions for the BlackBerry Application Storefront, we were really excited. It was the first step towards bringing more application goodness to our BlackBerrys. But the call for submissions really generated more questions about the Storefront than it answered. Thankfully, RIM’s crack Developer Support Team (lead by Guru Mike Kirkup) ignored my recommendation to take today off, and have provided everything developers need to know about the BlackBerry Application Storefront in the latest edition of the BlackBerry Developer Newsletter.

This edition of the BlackBerry Developer Newsletter is centered upon the Open Mike with Mike Kirkup Podcast, which discusses the key aspects of the BAS from a Developer Perpspective. While I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you listen to the podcast in full — there will be a test later — I’ve co-opted CBKevin’s crib notes for those that just can’t wait.

Developers: What you need to know about the BlackBerry Application Storefront

    * The store front is OPEN to developers. You can start submitting apps now.
    * App storefront will deploy applications via its own mechanism – there will be an on device client that will allow end users to browse, buy and download apps directly. Developers just need to focus on building awesome apps!
    * Users will be able to write reviews (I’m guessing rating and other expected functions like that will be in there as well)
    * The App Store will initially be rolled out in English only to North America and UK markets. More language/geographic support coming down the road.
    * App Store will support OS version 4.2.1 software and higher on trackball and touchscreen devices (sorry trackwheel users – time to upgrade!)

Getting your apps into the app storefront:

    o 1. Signup as a Vendor
    o 2. Suitability test – RIM does an initial check to make sure your app has appropriate/suitable content and that the app meets basic quality standards
    o 3. Smoke test – RIM tests the app to make sure it meets the high quality standards that people have come to expect

But don’t think that’s all to this month’s BlackBerry Developer Newsletter. After the jump you’ll find links to key developer resources to the BlackBerry Nation will have the best software possible when the BAS launches. Don’t forget to SIGN UP FOR THE BLACKBERRY DEVELOPMENT NEWSLETTER, so you’re not the last to know about the latest in BlackBerry Development!

BlackBerry Developer Key Resource Links

MDS Runtime Developer Guide Blowout!


Hmm, it seems as though my stocking hanging upon the BBCool HQ mantle is already stuffed with holiday cheer. Such a gift just in time for Christmas can only mean one thing: RIM Developer Support Guru Mike Kirkup and his merry elves were hard at work all weekend preparing the latest installment of the BlackBerry Developer Newsletter! The BDN Holiday Edition seems to be all about taking advantage of the myriad BlackBerry MDS Runtime tools to create feature rich BlackBerry Applications. You’ll find all the relevant links below, as well as the latest Open Mike with Mike Kirkup, which focuses on the Breaking New Ground Technical Seminar that was such a hit.

DB-00683: How To – Push data to a BlackBerry MDS Runtime Application created in BlackBerry MDS Studio
DB-00650: What Is – Supported BlackBerry MDS Runtime versions for BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Server software
BlackBerry MDS Runtime Deployment Guide
Managing MDS Runtime Applications: BlackBerry Enterprise Sever Administration Guide


Don’t forget to SIGN UP FOR THE BLACKBERRY DEVELOPMENT NEWSLETTER, so you’re not the last to know about the latest in BlackBerry Development!