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MiniMoni goes live, still free


MiniMoniNot too long ago we posted on a data traffic monitor called MiniMoni, which has now finished off its beta run and gone live. Luckily, the program is still free and still offering a lot of help to us poor saps with a limited data plan. Keep in mind that MiniMoni is only for GSM BlackBerrys right now, but I bet if you guys give some support, a CDMA version might follow in good time.


Data usage software opens up beta


MiniMobiJosep just spotted an outstanding new program called MiniMoni, which gives you a nice, detailed report about your BlackBerry data usage. As someone who’s been known to go over the limit a few times, I can definitely appreciate the usefulness of this app, even if it’s just in beta. If you’re in the same boat, you can download MiniMoni for free at www.ehnert.net/MiniMoni/MiniMoni.jad, or onto your desktop from here. I’d really like to see all the kinks in this one worked out to make this a fully-polished product, so report any bugs over at BlackBerry Forums.