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Unsend Email Saves Face by Stopping Email Delivery



Some of the BlackBerry blogs have been writing about this and I just couldn’t resist adding my two cents. I remember when “undo” came to email a few years ago by way of Google Labs. The idea was that at a certain time of night, people tend to send emails that they maybe shouldn’t. Working to eliminate the email equivalent of “drunk n dial” Google developed an Undo Send feature. Now that feature has come to BlackBerry with Unsend Email by PuguaSoft.

Sending email for most people has become almost a reflex. Rapid typing and hitting send many times a day lets a few messages through that have typos, missing attachments, and wrong recipients. Hopefully you’re not in the habit of sending email that you regret sending because of the content of the email, though that’s what immediately comes to mind when looking at the features of this software.

Most emails sent in error just need 5 or 10 seconds’ worth of undo, though the software can hold your email for up to 5 minutes.

Check out Unsend Email by PuaguaSoft, only $2.99 US at BlackBerry App World.

What do you think about this kind of software? Would having it on your BlackBerry have saved your skin at some point?