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Random Tidbit: RIM Uses Akamai to Cache Webpages and App World


This is a cool video demonstration of how Akamai’s NOCC works

This isn’t huge news or anything but more of an interesting tidbit of information about RIM for those who don’t know. RIM uses the services of a really cool company called Akamai to cache their pages globally. Akamai is a very well known company as they service some of the biggest companies in the world including Apple. Apple’s iTunes uses Akamai’s caching service to avoid the servers being overwhelmed. Songs, videos, Podcasts etc. are distributed by Akamai across their network of over 20,000 servers, which are placed at the ISP level across more than 70 countries. The traffic is routed using complex algorithms to direct each request to the right server so traffic can be efficiently managed. Not only does RIM use this service to cache web pages, but App World also uses this service to protect servers against crashing.
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