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5 BlackBerry Theme Developer Tips from MMMOOO


MMMOOO is a BlackBerry theme and app development company based out of Shanghai, China. MMMOOO’s developers have put together some awesome themes such as Snow Leopard, OS 6 and UltraToday Plus. The company has also developed some great apps such as SuperQWERTY. MMMOO has put together some tips for BlackBerry theme developers and together we’ll help make the theme market spectacular.
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BlackBerry OS 6 Themes by WJD Designs and MMMOOO


We have been talking a lot about which BlackBerrys will be getting an OS 6 upgrade and it looks like 512MB of RAM might be the memory cutoff. If true, it would mean the Bold 9650 is the only device currently in circulation that would get the upgrade. Until you get your hands on a modern device, Theme Designers are doing their best to bring some of that experience to the user. Currently, I’m using the OS 6 theme by WJD Designs, and it’s very well done. It has some minor glitches such as lag, but it includes some nice transitions and menu features.

MMMOOO has just launched its OS 6 theme, and it also looks pretty clean. The MMMOOO OS 6 theme comes with a clean green homescreen and a hidden dock and OS 6 icons. Overall, these two OS 6 themes offer a nice variety of options for users who want the OS 6 look on their device.

Check out the OS 6 theme by WJD Designs in the BlackBerryCool Store.

The OS 6 theme by MMMOOO is also available from our store.

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Edit Photos and Add Clipart with PhotoClub for BlackBerry


PhotoClub lets you edit your photos on your BlackBerry much like the Japanese photo-booth style Purikura. You can adjust the photo as well as add clipart, effects and custom elements to make them funny. This is a pretty simple app that can be fun if you’re just hanging out with friends.


  • 6 functions to deal with your photo, you can use one of them or some of them in one time
  • You can add own custom cliparts or frame
  • Easy to use, speedy in operation
  • Premium & Free link inside to enjoy more than just one art designing from MMMOOO

PhotoClub is available on a free trial with more information available in our store.

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Lock Apps, Files and Folders With iLock 1.1


iLock allows you to set passwords for any app you’d like. This is especially helpful for apps that may contain private data, but you don’t want to password protect the whole device. Recently, the app has been updated to allow you to lock files and folders as well.

iLock is available for $3.99 in the BBCool store or you can check out the 7 day trial.

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Free Ultra Today Plus Theme Improves On the Classic Default


It’s nice to have a unique set of icons and background, as well as some fancy animations in a theme, but they aren’t for everyone. Many users still prefer the default theme that comes with their BlackBerry, and this theme is geared towards them. The Ultra Today Plus theme is simply the default theme with a Today preview feature. The Today preview gives you a quick glance at what is happening, and it makes you realize the default Today is a little ugly.

Download the Ultra Today Plus theme free from the BlackBerryCool Store.

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Free World Cup 2010 Theme “Love Football Love KAKA”


MMMOOO have launched a cool new World Cup 2010 theme called Love Football Love KAKA. The company have an interesting service for this theme, whereby they’ll customize the homescreen badge for you if you leave a 5-star rating on their theme and email them.

Check out the Love Football Love KAKA theme and if you want your premium customization, leave a 5-star rating.

You can also grab this free theme from App World.

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