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Free MMORPG World of Dragons Available for BlackBerry


World of Dragons is an MMORPG that has had a huge amount of success in Europe and there is now a free BlackBerry version of the game. In World of Dragons, users play a hero inside the world of Iglion where the Black Dragon’s return announces the end of days. Choose from a variety of races, classes, items, monsters, spells and more to battle your way through a massive online world. Features of the game include:

  • Customizable characters: Choose from four races, four professions and male/female
  • Evolve your character: Equip your hero with thousands of different armors, weapons and items. You won’t believe so much things fit in your mobile phone! You have up to 60 levels to grow!
  • Large environments: Travel through the whole world of Iglion in the Quest of your life. Meet dozens of NPCs and battle agains more than 60 different creatures!
  • Long gameplay: Play for more than 50 hours to complete Main and Secondary Quests and get future expansions for free.
  • Premium objects: Do you want the most exclusive items? You can purchase CorsairCoins to acquire the most desirable objects in the world of Iglion and access specially limited premium areas.

World of Dragons is free to play and just like a lot of other popular MMORPGs, you can pay for virtual goods with the game’s online currency called CorsairCoins. Check out World of Dragons in our store and download.

UPDATE: It looks like we posted the link for the 8100 version of the game. Click here to download the World of Dragons build that supports more devices. Also, it’s only free for 10 days.

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