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The Next Wave in the Mobile App Economy: Distribution, Sophistication, Payments and Identity


The Next Wave in Mobile App Commerce
Moving from rivers of monetization to lakes of commerce exchange [click to enlarge]

EDITOR’S NOTE: Terry Hughes, former President of Widality, is Wmode’s as Head of Market Development. Be sure to check out his past editorials too.

The mobile app market is maturing nicely; apps are becoming more sophisticated, routes to market are broader, development times have been greatly reduced, there is a plethora of billing options available, and perhaps most valuable, apps have moved from being the domain of a few niche players to being a critical part of the branding and engagement strategy of most companies. In this sense, the mobile software market has started to resemble the PC software market with a few key platforms to worry about, standardized development tools, and open APIs to enable the many parties in the value chain to connect together.
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AppVerse Social App Sharing Available in BlackBerryCool Store



We’ve been talking about Mobihand’s AppVerse for some time now and the system has been rolled out to BlackBerryCool’s store. AppVerse allows you to share and discover apps through your social graph as well as build your online app profile.

The system still seems like it’s in Beta even though it’s fully funcitonal. While the concept is great, we’d like to see improvements with some site functionality such as making profile pictures easier to upload (they cut off and don’t specify sizes), allowing you to set specific Twitter sharing options (also not limited to 140), and a better way to connect with friends (eg Twitter).
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Mobihand Beta Testing AppVerse Social Network for App Discoveries



Mobihand is currently beta testing a new social network that lets people discover their mobile app discoveries called AppVerse. Mobihand has an enormous catalog of apps and accounts of users who purchased apps, and AppVerse adds a social layer to the app discovery process.

This is Mobihand’s second shot at socializing the app discovery process. We wrote about their first attempt, a partnership with Blippy, which lets you connect your Mobihand account and share app discoveries with your friends. AppVerse keeps the process in-house and lets you follow, review and rate your own favorite apps, track expert app reviews, and ask questions about apps that catch your eye. For developers, AppVerse lets you interact with users who buy, rate, and review your products – creating an ongoing, two-way dialog.

To try out AppVerse, head over to this link and give it a try.

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AppWorldReport.com Gives Developers More Insight for App World Apps


AppWorldReport site

A little while back I wrote an article about App World vs Mobihand and their respective developer portals and John from S4BB pointed out a cool site worth mentioning. One of the biggest issues with both vendor portals is that when you’re trying to figure out how well your app is doing, you have to download CSV files and work through them to figure out what’s going on. Both vendor portals need to realize that humans work best with visualizations of data and should provide charts and graphs as per the vendor’s request.
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Comparing Mobihand and App World Vendor Portals: What’s Best for the Developer?


mobihand vs app world

Developers have a few options when selling their applications. A developer could choose to sell in App World, Mobihand, Bplay, carrier portals (AT&T App Center, Verizon V-Cast, etc) or they may choose to sell directly to the customer via their own website. In this article, I’ll compare App World and Mobihand with respect to what they offer developers in terms of services to help them sell their applications. Hit the jump for the full review.
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Seriously? $1000 “I Am Rich” App Hits Mobihand App Store


i am rich blackberry app

An app recently appeared in the BlackBerryCool store that is going off the success of the I Am Rich application for iPhone which was subsequently pulled from the App Store. The I Am Rich app for BlackBerry is just as ridiculous and seems to just put a couple of gold bars as your wallpaper along with an icon on the homescreen.
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