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RIM to Acquire Chalk Media


BlackBerry Cool has been big fans of Vancouver based Chalk Media since we first met them at WES in 2007. Their Mobile Chalkboard application, which allows companies to quickly and easily push rich media to employees (called “pushcasts”) was also quite popular during this year’s Best of WES People’s Choice competition.

It seems as though RIM was also impressed, as today the two companies have entered into an arrangement agreement for RIM to acquire Chalk in an all-cash transaction at a price per share of CDN $0.142 or CDN $23,125,000. Concurrently with the execution of the Arrangement Agreement, RIM has made a loan to Chalk in the amount of CDN $2.2 million, which will provide additional working capital to fund Chalk’s operations until the completion of the transaction.

Hopefully this acquisition will lead to some great push-media capabilities built into the next generation of BlackBerrys.

BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: People’s Choice Winners


BlackBerry Cool Best of WES People\'s Choic Winners

We’ve tallied all the votes, and we’re now ready to announce the winners of BlackBerry Cool’s First Annual Best of WES: People’s Choice Contest. Reader participation is a huge deal here at BBCool HQ, so we were touched to see so many people voting for their favorite BlackBerry products and services. One of the most startling aspects of the contest was seeing just how close the voting was in many of the categories — you guys really like a lot of different things! To that end, we’re going to post the top three favorites in every category.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

1st - Viigo - Viigo
2nd - Unify4Life - Unify4Life
3rd - Zumobi – Zumobi

Click here to see the rest of the winners!

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Chalk


Chalk is all about the “pushcast.” Their flagship product, Mobile chalkboard allows you to quickly and easily push rich media to employees. Video, audio, images, and text can be combined with tests and surveys and then sent out in a mobile-friendly version. You can even specify which model you’ll be sending to and chalkboard will tailor the content appropriately. We talked with them at last year’s WES, and since then they’ve told us that they’ll be releasing version 5.0 of the software at this year’s, so keep an eye out.

Mobile Chalkboard updated


The next news out of CTIA is that the enterprise multimedia communications solution, Mobile Chalkboard, has been updated to version 4.3. What’s new, you ask? “The new version of Mobile chalkboard has enhanced functionality including deeper integration with productivity applications and a more sophisticated reporting suite.” Hmmm… Kinda vague, huh? Regardless, we talked to Chalk back at WES, and we’re happy to see their product continuing to evolve. It’s mostly used for corporate training on the go, but but can push any enterprise media to a wide number of devices.