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WES 2010: Talking BlackBerry Chipsets and Processing Power


The PC innovation boom of the mid-90s was an interesting time. With rapid advancement in processor clock speed, other components couldn’t keep up. What does it matter if you have a good processor, if your hard drive or your memory bus is causing bottlenecks?

In talking with people here at WES, I’ve come to understand a little bit more about BlackBerry, and how it differs from PC engineering. Heat and power-draw can’t be easily engineered around with roomy cooling or big batteries. Engineering advancement on the mobile is a fine art of balancing compromises.

There’s a bit less of a processor focus with the BlackBerry platform. The platform started off as an email device and only recently became a mobile multitasking dynamo. Looking at the last two years of devices, users have begun to take notice of the processor specs.
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Qualcomm still number 1 chip maker


Qualcomm logoWith all the legal troubles that Qualcomm has been embroiled in lately, it was a bit of a suprise to still see the big Q at the top of the list of mobile chipset suppliers for Q2 2007 (Qualcomm had overtaken Texas Instruments for the number 1 spot last quarter). Then we remembered that, until things change, Qualcomm is still in every CDMA BlackBerry (as well as pretty much everything else CDMA). Accordingly, analyst iSuppli agreed with us:

“Qualcomm took the top spot on the strength of healthy growth in EvDO and WCDMA baseband chips,” said Francis Sideco, senior analyst, wireless communications, for iSuppli. “This achievement caps a sustained period of gains for Qualcomm.

While this is good news for Qualcomm, it should be noted that Texas Instruments reported a big upswing during its mid-quarter update, possibly related to customer fears over Qualcomm’s future.

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