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Vayyoo’s vPosting takes mobile communication to the next level


vayyoo vpost

Recently, you may have heard about Vayyoo and their vPost solution, which enables BlackBerry users to capture pictures, voice, text, and location (via GPS) through one single user interface. Our sister site QuicklyBored has been displaying it’s potential as both a restaurant review device and blogging tool. We were so enamored with Vayyoo’s solution that we signed an exclusive agreement to use vPosting for the majority of our CTIA coverage (sorry Ronen).

However, vPosting is much more than a simple consumer application, it’s a new medium for mobile communication. Before we start vPosting like crazy all over CTIA, we thought we should take the time to fully explain what Vayyoo can do.

Click here to learn more about Vayyoo’s vPost