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How to write your first BlackBerry application - Lesson 1: UI fields


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This article is the first in a series of articles about BlackBerry development. With App World, third party software vendors and the web, there are a ton of opportunities for an independent developer to make money.

BlackBerry Development in Java - Lection 1: Basic fields in the User Interface

Let’s get right into it. Download the JDE (Java Development Environment) from the BlackBerry website. I personally used the JDE 4.3 for this project but you can also download a newer JDE. For advanced functions like using the BlackBerry Storm accelerometer or touch screen, you have to install JDE 4.7.

For advanced features and other APIs you may want to use, you need code-signing keys from RIM. You can purchase signing keys here. The keys cost $20 which is a bargain considering you can use the keys forever, and they’re going to help you make a great BlackBerry application. Make sure to read more about the keys because they’re an important part of BlackBerry development.

For this introductory application, you don’t need signature keys and the compiled *.cod file can be run on the device (and not only on the simulator).
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How to develop and market a 3rd party BlackBerry app


Image courtesy of Simon Sage

As a BlackBerry developer, I have my own ideas about what makes a great BlackBerry application. I took the time to develop a list of concepts that I believe are important in the development process.

1. The User Interface (UI)

It’s vital to choose an appealing and not too over-done and crowded user interface. For the user it is essential to know from only looking at the interface what he has to do and how he sets the options in the application. Give your fields, check boxes and radio buttons appropriate titles or subjects. Short, descriptive words are a must.

I have already seen some utility apps where the UI is awfully crowded in the main screen. You look at all the options and feel like de-installing it because you will never know what all those buttons and checkbox do. Match similar options and put them into a separate screen with an appropriate title. Think about the novice BlackBerry-user, they don’t know all those settings and what they will do when you select them.

Even though I talked about an appealing and nicely looking UI, you cannot compare the iPhone user interface of applications to the rather sober-looking interface of BlackBerry apps. The BlackBerry OS is not aimed at fancy looking UI-Applications; it keeps the business factor. Personally, I love it!
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Development as a service for mobile - RhoHub free public beta


Rhomobile has officially announced RhoHub, the world’s first Development-as-a-Service for Mobile, providing a web-based service for both smartphone app development and hosting of mobile applications, making native mobile applications easier to build, deploy and run on all smartphones.

RhoHub Features:
- Hosted editing and development of native applications
- Hosted build capabilities for all smartphones
- Optional OTA provisioning service
- Optional hosted sync server
- Makes developers five times more productive for even a single smartphone OS
- Allows developers to write apps using Rhodes in HTML and simultaneously build for all smartphones
- Supports BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and iPhone

The RhoHub public beta is currently available at no charge.

Once out of beta, RhoHub will be available to developers for a monthly fee that is dependent on the number of users and size of the app.


Enter the Mobile Application Development Challenge to win $10,000


Rhomobile has announced details around the ‘Mobile Application Development Challenge’ they are hosting, including an extension on the deadline. The contest promotes Rhomobile’s Rhodes framework, which allows developers to write once to create native apps for all leading smartphones including iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android, and features a $10,000 grand prize.
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