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More Leaked Pics of the BlackBerry Slider and Clamshell


More Leaked pictures have surfaced of pre-production BlackBerry Smartphones. The clamshell and slider form-factors depicted in the less than perfect pics are experiments in the more popular consumer phones.

The leaked pics show what looks like a BlackBerry 6 home screen. The memory one device sports makes me think you’ll need a 2010 BlackBerry to run BlackBerry 6.

What does everyone think of the new OS and some of the new Shapes of BlackBerry?

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Mobile device management for BlackBerry from AetherPal



AetherPal 2.1 is a mobile device management solution from w2bi. While mobile device management solutions are common in the BlackBerry space, they all provide at least one unique feature that gives them a competitive advantage in their target market.

AetherPal includes Remote Control, Banner Notification and Mobile Desktop features:

Remote Control is a virtualization tool that enables support staff to remotely view, manage, and control the user’s device for troubleshooting, remote installation, device training, and application demonstrations while retrieving device parameters.

Banner Notification allows instant delivery of customizable messages/notifications to an individual or group of mobile users. The notifications can be simple text announcements, or may contain graphics, logos and hyperlinks. You can use Banner Notifications for critical messages, customer subscribed updates, promotion alerts, emergency or weather related communications.

Mobile Desktop is a customizable desktop with streaming content delivery functionality. It allows customizable UI and real time content update deliveries (RSS) to mobile devices. It also provides the user access to the applications in a tab based framework. The operator can push and organize common files, web sites, games, and help desk information as well as increased number of applications/files visible on the desktop.

For more information, visit the Aetherpal site.


BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: People’s Choice Winners


BlackBerry Cool Best of WES People\'s Choic Winners

We’ve tallied all the votes, and we’re now ready to announce the winners of BlackBerry Cool’s First Annual Best of WES: People’s Choice Contest. Reader participation is a huge deal here at BBCool HQ, so we were touched to see so many people voting for their favorite BlackBerry products and services. One of the most startling aspects of the contest was seeing just how close the voting was in many of the categories — you guys really like a lot of different things! To that end, we’re going to post the top three favorites in every category.

Thanks to everyone who voted!


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CA offers role-based BlackBerry administration


CAJosep has tipped us off to Mobile Device Manager by CA, which aims to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, such as locking and unlocking devices, and setting up IT policies. By attributing BlackBerry security profiles to particular roles in a company’s Microsoft Active Directory, a lot of the bare-bones administration can handle itself.

* Leverages BlackBerry Enterprise Server IT policies to deliver over-the-air (OTA) management from a web-based interface, including device lock/unlock and data wipe to prevent access to data on lost or stolen devices
* Automated role-based device security and configuration enforcement and lifecycle management leveraging Active Directory data
* Automatic disabling of devices upon employee termination
* Customizable workflow for approvals, escalations, event management, and support processes
* A Bulk Addition feature that enables administrators to quickly roll out large numbers of devices

Windows Mobile and Symbian versions of the software are also in the works.

Windows Mobile gets their own BES


WindowsAT&T has announced at CTIA a little something by the name of Mobile Device Manager, which will allow enterprise users to share not only files, but applications across their network of Windows Mobile devices. Now, it’s all well and good that BES plays nice with Exchange, but let’s face it, a Microsoft solution is going to integrate pretty damn nicely. While it might take more than this to permanently dislodge BlackBerry from enterprises’ hands, this move certainly allows Microsoft to shoulder more aggressively into RIM’s territory. The Mobile Device Manager is expected to land second quarter of 2008, and will work with all Windows Mobile 6 devices.