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Nintaii for BlackBerry – first accelerometer game for BlackBerry


Fresh off of our review of Nintaii for BlackBerry, where BBCool JB gave it a stellar 4 out of 5, I was contacted today by the fine folks at Mobigloo. They wanted to let me know that Nintaii was now available for BlackBerry Storm users – and is likely the first BlackBerry Storm game to make use of the accelerometer. You can check out the video above demonstrating Nintaii’s addictive gameplay, or read the review below. I can’t wait to see more games which make use of the BlackBerry Storm’s potential.

Nintaii for BlackBerry Reviewed
Nintaii for the BlackBerry Storm
Nintaii for all other BlackBerrys


Smartphones being used for gaming more than enterprise software


What are you doing on your BlackBerry?

A report like this makes me wonder if BlackBerry Cool should spend less time posting about email monitoring solutions more time reviewing Magmic BlackBerry games. Our sister site and mobile entertainment blog, QuicklyBored, is reporting that a recent NPD Group research paper states that not only are people using their smartphones more, but they’re playing games more often than using enterprise and productivity software. The findings come from a portion of the report aimed at discovering what features and functions consumers are most aware.

While the greatest increase in smartphone gaming was among iPhone users specifically, the nascent BlackBerry Storm might bring just as many new gamers to the fold. Post a comment to let us know if you play games on your BlackBerry, and which game is your favorite.

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