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Rove Mobile IT Admin Management Solution Sees Positive Uptake


We haven’t covered Rove in a while and the company has had a few announcements since the launch of the Rove Mobile IT Admin Solution version 6.0 back in September. The company let us know that one of the most used and appreciated features has been Rove’s Dashboard, a solution that aggregates alerts, alarms, notifications and tickets from IT monitors and incident management systems, presents them to IT admins directly on their mobile, and makes it possible to quickly asses the problem and implement a solution. One of the most helpful features of Rove’s product, is that it can deliver alerts even if the Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise servers are offline.

Rove’s Mobile IT Admin solution is also tablet ready, which is crucial in today’s mixed platform enterprise.

A free, 14 day trial of Rove’s product is available for download at roveit.com/trial.

Rove also recently won eWEEK’s 2010 Product of the Year.

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Rove announces new products for mobile IT admins


Rove have announced two versions of Rove Mobile: Mobile Admin Professional and Mobile Admin Basics. The two products cover the full gamut of issues that IT admins face in today’s business environment.

Rove Mobile Admin Professional is Rove’s flagship product that delivers advanced mobile IT administration capability for IT staff that need comprehensive, secure access to a wide range of servers and platforms, including IT infrastructure monitoring, virtualization and incident management. The latest version of Rove Mobile Admin, version 5.0, supports Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft’s virtualization tool, BMC Remedy Service Desk and RIM BES 5 functionality.

Rove Mobile Admin Basics provides secure mobile remote access functionality for busy IT admin staff. It offers essential functionality that helps IT administrators respond faster to basic service requests.

Rove Mobile Admin Professional is now priced at $595 per client access license and Rove Mobile Admin Basics is priced at $295 per client access license. Both are available for download and purchase at RoveIT.com.

BoxTone 5.0 released with new features to empower BES admins



BoxTone have launched BoxTone 5.0 and there are some interesting updates to the product. The top 5 features you will see include:

1. Real-Time BlackBerry Productivity Tracking and Reporting
2. Controlling Employee Device Invasion
3. BoxTone Expert Connected for Remote Device Tracking
4. Roaming and Data Overage Tracking and Reporting
5. Expanded User Self-Service
Click through to read more about the latest features in BoxTone 5.0

BoxTone launch new mobile IT admin starter pack – BoxTone Essentials


Most users in the BlackBerry industry are familiar with the various mobile IT admin companies and BoxTone are among the leaders. BoxTone provide software and support for mobile IT administrators and they just launched a new product. Having received many requests for a mobile IT admin starter pack, they have launched the BoxTone Essentials.

The BoxTone Essentials package includes key capabilities from the core platform and modules packaged specially to help companies get started. This product is aimed at the entry level, for organizations of around 500 users. BoxTone have also included their SmartAlerts system which provides early warning of pending failures.

Features of BoxTone Essentials include:

  • End-to-End Visibility with the BoxTone Essentials Dashboard to see real time health across users and groups, BES, mail servers and carriers and drill down for more detail and take action.
  • Proactive Alerts with BoxTone Essentials SmartAlerting to be warned of pending issues and fix them before the user calls, such as high rescan rates/hung threads, carrier outages, SRP down or VIP issues.
  • The Answers with BoxTone Essentials User Console pinpoints the issue and directs resolution with knowledgebase full of simple repair instructions so you don’t have to be the expert.
  • Click to Fix with BoxTone Essentials 1-Click Fix-It so that you can quickly fix the issue without delay or the need to jump to other tools.

BoxTone Essentials is priced at under $10k for up to 500 users.

For more details, see the BoxTone Essentials site.


Troubleshooting & Resolving BlackBerry Activation Issues


By Ahmed Datoo, VP marketing, Zenprise

Zenprise is partnering with BlackBerry Cool to address how to resolve some of the most common BlackBerry activation problems. Through a series of 10 articles, readers will learn how to identify key log file errors, tests and configurations critical to identifying the root cause of enterprise activation issues. The articles will explore common failures in the four unique stages of the activation process: stage 1 – activation, stage 2 – verifying encryption, stage 3 – receiving services, and stage 4 – slow synchronization process. Special thanks to Brian Bernard at RIM for providing the content for this troubleshooting series.

In this second article, Zenprise addresses a stage 1 activation problem where the BlackBerry device continues to display an error message, ?€œplease contact your system administrator.?€�
Continue reading how to troubleshoot common BlackBerry activation errors

Research finds disconnect between smartphone adoption and device management



Zenprise today announced findings from an Osterman Research study that reports that most enterprise IT departments are not equipped to handle the rapid increase in smartphone adoption. In fact, less than 40 percent of respondents express confidence in their mobile management platform.

Osterman Research forecasts that the proportion of the North American workforce equipped with employer-supplied mobile devices will double from 23 percent of the workforce in 2008 to 46 percent by 2011. If left unmanaged, rapid smartphone adoption can result in serious problems including lost productivity and revenue, as well as escalating support costs.

A synopsis of the key report findings include:

  • Only 40% of organizations expressed confidence that all elements of their mobile messaging platform are fully protected against downtime.
  • 60% of decision makers expressed modest, minimal or no confidence that they can protect their mobile infrastructure from downtime.
  • 33% of organizations do not offer an SLA and have no plans to do so.

Despite a clear lack of confidence in IT’s current mobile infrastructure, they are being asked to support a greater variety and number of mobile platforms. Software that can automatically troubleshoot mobile user issues and simplify management are fast becoming a staple of the data center.
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