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Kudos Credit Card Payment System for iOS, Android and BlackBerry


NetSecure’s Kudos, which launched back in June as Canada’s first mobile credit card reader, is apparently (says the PR) the only solution in the Canadian market that doesn’t have any monthly or hidden fees. Credit cards are processed via a dongle, sort of like Square, that connects via the headphone jack, and is compatible with all the major smartphones, as well as laptops and desktops.
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Free mobile payment application for BlackBerry from MerchantWare



MerchantWare Mobile is mobile payment application, perfect for contractors, trade-show vendors and delivery drivers. MerchantWARE Mobile runs on BlackBerry’s Pearl, Storm, Curve or Bold and offers the enhanced capability to use a highly secure Bluetooth card swipe device that brings ease of use, lower processing costs and security to “on the go” businesses.

Whether credit card information is swiped or keyed-in to the BlackBerry device, all data is stored on Merchant Warehouse’s secure servers, not the mobile device, providing peace of mind to customers, merchants and salespeople.

Features of MerchantWARE Mobile for the BlackBerry include:

• Secure transactions in real time, including sales, refunds and voids;
• Lower Interchange costs by swiping with Bluetooth card reader;
• Free application;
• Robust detailed transaction reporting;
• No additional gateway or cellular access fees;
• Email receipts for merchant and customer;
• Encrypted and secure SSL connections for safely transmitting customer information;
• Complies with PCI DSS/PABP;
• Automatic end of day batch processing;
• Access to the MerchantWARE Virtual Terminal enabling users to process transactions through the same merchant account from any web connected computer.

This application will be available next week. For more information, see the MerchantWARE site.


Mobile signature capture technology from Echosign


EchoSign Spring/Summer 2009 Release from FromEchoSign on Vimeo.

In recent years, there has been an incredible uptake in the number of mobile merchant companies. Increasingly, businesses are able to accept payments to a mobile device and there are a wide variety of ways for them to do this.

Echosign is a mobile friendly electronic signature technology, giving companies a way to embrace the shift to mobility and conduct business even faster than relying on the traditional Web.

Features of Echosign include:

  • Accept signatures from the web, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm Pre, fax, Salesforce.com, Zoho, Google Apps, Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Edit, share, approve, send and sign documents while on the go.
  • A new “handwritten” biometric signature captures the experience we all know from signing on a pad at a supermarket or retail store.

Try Echosign on a free trial.