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Music WithMe Updated With More Playlists and Improved Speeds


parkvu music withme

Music WithMe lets you wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists with your BlackBerry and the app has been updated to 1.4v. The new version improves download speeds increases the amount of playlists you can sync. The average Music WithMe user has about 18 playlists, and the new version will accommodate the Music WithMe users who are big-time playlist creators.
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Rdio Subscription Web and Mobile Music Service Adds More Device Support



Rdio (pronounced “ar-dee-oh”) let us know that they’ve added support for the Curve 85XX, Storm and Torch. If you’re not familiar with them, Rdio is a subscription music service that lets you listen to as much music as you want from the web or your phone, even when you’re offline. The service also has a social component that lets you discover music through friends or influencers.

Rdio Unlimited costs $9.99/month, and supports both web and mobile use. Rdio Web costs $4.99/month, and supports web use only. Check out Rdio at this link.

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Rhapsody for BlackBerry Beta App Now Available for Download


Rhapsody is a pretty cool music subscription service that lets you find music and play for a monthly fee. Users have been waiting for a BlackBerry app and now one is available in beta form. The app allows you to:

  • Search or browse for your favorites – Find the artist, album or track you want. Browse new releases, staff picks, charts and more. Play any song you find with one tap.
  • Listen while you text, surf and play – BlackBerry lets you run simultaneous apps, so you’ll be able to have your music rolling no matter what you’re doing.
  • Tune in to Rhapsody Radio – Listen to a station that’s programmed around your favorite artist or genre. Kick back and listen to a great mix of music.

Coming soon to the app is an Unlimited Downloading feature which will allow you to listen to music when you don’t have an active connection.

Download the beta by heading to rhapsody.com from your device.

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New music player for BlackBerry Unsynced aims to outperform Apple



A little less than a year ago, Jim Balsillie was given a lot of criticism for saying that the BlackBerry platform will beat out Apple when it comes to media. There hasn’t been much development on the native music player and while it serves the basic purpose, there’s a lot that could be improved.

This is where BlackBerry has the advantage over iPhone. Apple would never let another company try and compete with their native applications such as the browser, but RIM welcomes third party software. The latest BlackBerry media solution is from Unsynced, an all-in-one music experience for BlackBerry that the company promises will one day make all of your Apple friends jealous.

Some of the features of Unsycned include:

  • Painstaking care has been taken to ensure Unsynced Music is efficient and predictable.
  • The Unsync button will capture song information. Unsynced does a search on their end and e-mail you the most relevant results so that you won’t forget to “purchase” it when you get home.
  • Use any PC to drag and drop music into folders on your BlackBerry using Mass Storage Mode. Listen to your newly added songs through Browse Files, or quickly create new playlists through Create/Modify Playlists, giving you the freedom to add to your music experience not just at home, but wherever you go.
  • Progress indicators for those long podcasts.
  • Customizable color themes to match your style.
  • Send song info to friends to share your tastes.

Download Unsynced Music for your Bold or 8900.

Or visit m.unsynced.com from your BlackBerry browser.

{Currently only available for the Bold and 8900. More devices to come soon]
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Telus Mobile Music now has 25,000 tracks from Quebec artists


Those that know me know I’m a huge fan of music and particularly a connoisseur of Canadian music. The big story of the Canadian music scene recently has been all the great bands coming out of Quebec, and Montreal in particular (sorry Toronto and Vancouver, but you know it’s true). That’s why I was immediately excited when my friends at Telus tipped me off that their Mobile Music service now has 25,000 tracks by home-grown artists, making it the largest collection of Quebec songs for mobile phones.

TELUS will continue to expand its musical library by adding new productions from Quebec-based record companies, such as TACCA Musique, Audiogram, Indica Records, Déjà Musique, Sphere Musique, Vega Musique, Dare to Care, Grosse Boîte, K.Pone.Inc Music Group, Iro Productions, Tandem.mu and Abuzive Muzik, as soon as they are released. The most avid music lovers will be able to enjoy new releases in real time, without having to wait to buy their favourite artist’s latest album.

25,000 tracks is a lot. I was strolling through the list and found composer Coeur de pirate (shown above), which I recommend because I think her name translates to “Heart of a Pirate” or potentially “Heart Pirate”. Telus customers can find their own favorite artist at www.telus.com/music. Tracks start at $0.99 each, or for $20.00 per month, music fans can also download an unlimited number of tracks from a catalogue of over one million songs. The full press release is after the jump.

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Jim Balsillie talks music 2.0 and App Center


Jim Balsillie seems very eager to encourage the consumer side of BlackBerry by stating recently that they’re going “music 2.0.” Although he clearly stated that the BlackBerry is not competing with iPhone, it seems that recent moves are aimed at making the BlackBerry more competitive in the same market. While in Cannes at a music industry conference, he had the following to say about their upcoming Application Center:

“We’ve moved to [music] 2.0, where music is undergoing a radical transformation and it creates a remarkable new opportunity for content owners to monetize their content… [BlackBerry is] already very music centric, what were talking about now is our platform.

We’re ingesting apps now and it goes online in March… [It has] a billing engine and is a channel for developers – you’ll see dozens of music apps.”

The shift to on-device billing of apps and media has been a long time coming. It is said that BlackBerry now caters to somewhere around 50% consumers and this iTunes-like store will be a great revenue generator for all those new customers. At the same time, I feel a lot more can be done for enterprise first, their niche market where they can still make a lot of headway.