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FlyCast Piles On New Platform Enhancements


Press Release

Leading Mobile Broadcast Network Adds Desktop Widget, Android Support, More

CES SHOW, LAS VEGAS, NV – January 8, 2009 – FlyCast announced a number of new
enhancements to its industry-leading mobile broadcast network today, including a move to the desktop with its new player widget for PCs and Macs. Other announcements include support for the T-Mobile G1and other upcoming Google Android-based devices, a new “What’s On Now” program guide feature, a Facebook interface, a partnership with AccuWeather.com and support for AAC+ and Windows Media streams.

“2009 will be a year of transition for broadcasting, as hundreds of millions of new ‘smart devices’ hit the streets, with incredible media consumption capabilities,” noted FlyCast CEO Sam Abadir.

“FlyCast continues to lead the way in offering broadcasters and webcasters innovative platform capabilities to take full advantage of these new and compelling distribution opportunities.”

Download Flycast for BlackBerry

FlyCast platform enhancements

Slacker Announces Availability of Mobile Radio Application for BlackBerry Smartphones


Press Release

Exclusive station caching feature guarantees playback everywhere while also dramatically boosting battery life and performance

LAS VEGAS – January 8, 2009 – Slacker, Inc. today announced the availability of the free Slacker Mobile application for BlackBerry smartphones from Research In Motion. BlackBerry smartphone users can now hear their favorite Slacker radio stations wherever they go, whether they are connected to a wireless network or not – a Slacker Mobile feature exclusive to BlackBerry smartphones. The application, which is compatible with BlackBerry Device Software version 4.3 and higher is available as a free download by visiting Slacker.com from your BlackBerry smartphone.

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BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac hands-on


It seems as though RIM has finally heard the cries of many Mac BlackBerry (MacBerry?) users. Earlier this week they released a ‘Preview’ build of BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac, and I had to give it a test run. In general, it works as advertised and syncing playlists is surprisingly fast. Unfortunately, you can’t just drag over iTunes albums as is, but have to make a playlist out of each.

Here’s some things to keep in mind:

    This is a ‘preview’ build. RIM seems afraid of Mac development and has gone out of their way to tell users that their not legally responsible if Mac Media Sync roxXors yurz blakberreez. You have been warned.
    Mac Media Sync will not work with Pocket Mac or Missing Sync. Which would be fine if RIM had also released a Mac Desktop Manager, but one step at a time, I guess.

Download BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac


BlackBerry Media Sync updated, now supports album art


BlackBerry Media Sync

RIM has officially released a new version of the BlackBerry Media Sync, which allows users to sync their BlackBerry Media Player with their favorite iTunes playlists. Version now includes album art support as well as a few other features (Vista 64-bit support and a bunch of new languages). The inclusion of album art support is actually enough to get me to start using Media Sync over drag ‘n dropping my music files onto my MicroSDHC card. Oh wait, at least I would if MEDIA SYNC WERE AVAILABLE FOR MAC. Sigh.

Below you can find a download link to version, as well as a handy knowledge base article telling you how to use Media Sync.

BlackBerry Media Sync
BlackBerry Media Sync Knowledge Base article
General BlackBerry Media Sync support

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Verizon launches VCAST Music on BlackBerry Storm


A helpful tipster with the inside scoop just let us know that Verizon has launched the VCAST Music application today for the BlackBerry Storm. VCAST Music allows you to purchase songs individually or subscribe to get unlimited access for $14.99 per month. A quick catalog search of Verizon’s offering tells me that VCAST Music has millions of songs available. You can learn more about VCAST Music at the link below and view another image of the Storm application after the jump.

Verizon VCAST Music for BlackBerry

VCAST Music for BlackBerry Storm

Mobile headphones can interfere with heart devices



As someone that is constantly concerned about the amount of radiation my BlackBerry emits, you might call me the paranoid sort. So when I heard about this recent report by the FDA saying that headphones — yes, even the kind all you multimedia-enabled BlackBerry users have — can interfere with heart devices like pacemakers if held too close, I had to write about it:

“Headphones contain magnets, and some of these magnets are powerful,” said the study’s leader, Dr. William Maisel, a cardiologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and a heart device consultant to the federal Food and Drug Administration.

When headphones were about an inch from the device, interference was detected nearly one-fourth of the time — in four of the 27 pacemaker patients and 10 of the 33 with defibrillators. A pacemaker reset itself in one patient.

Dr. Maisel said that the headphones could have an effect even when unplugged. Don’t be too concerned, however: the report also said that as long as you keep the headphones away from your chest, you should be fine.

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