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In A World Of “Free”, Money Takes Center Stage At SXSW


SXSW (South By Southwest) Interactive is notorious for giving everything away free t-shirts, free food, free drinks, free apps, free, free, free. It’s practically your “right” as a show attendee that you shouldn’t have to spend money on anything; except maybe a pedal-cab ride. This year, however, it’s not the big new free app that’s capturing everyone’s attention, it’s money.

Everywhere you turn in Austin there’s another way to buy, sell, get a deal or somehow exchange payment. There have even been more than a handful of sessions on mobile payments. The speakers are claiming that “now” is the time for mobile payments to really take off. With options from gamified payments to payment within well-known apps to NFC, it could make your head spin. I haven’t honestly seen one super-standout app, but I’ve downloaded quite a few options to give them a try. And I’ve spoken to the others to find out what makes them tick.
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Payfirma Launches Virtual Credit Card Point of Sale App


Mobile point of sale solutions are making some great headway these days, especially since Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey started Square and raised over $100 million. The latest BlackBerry solution is by Payfirma, and it offers some reasonable rates. Keep reading after the jump for more details.
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