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Rove Mobile SSH Now Available Free in App World


rove mobile ssh

A long time ago Rove offered a great mobile SSH product which was taken down and then much later offered on App World. The product is now available free to download through App World and offers some great features to boot. The Rove Mobile SSH client connects to: Unix and Linux machines, IBM mainframes, AS/400 and iSeries and routers and switches. Features of the app include:
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Rove Announce BlackBerry Alliance Elite Membership


Rove have announced that they are now BlackBerry Alliance Elite Members. Rove’s flagship product is Mobile Admin, which allows IT administrators to resolve incidents, reduce downtime and improve customer service, all from their BlackBerry. Mobile Admin has over 2800 customers worldwide, including more than 80 Fortune 500 companies and five of the world’s 15 largest banks.

Rove also re-released their Mobile SSH client, which allows users to interact with their Unix, Linux and IBM hosts via Telnet and Secure Shell. The app is currently available for download in BlackBerry App World.

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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of March 8th


In terms of news I’d say it was a slow week for the BlackBerry Nation. On the bright side, there were some great apps that launched in both App World and the BlackBerryCool store. SmrtGuard-Free launched in App World, as well as Rove’s Mobile SSH for BlackBerry. Foursquare was also updated to version 1.7.0 with visual enhancements and tips features, and you can find them on App World now too.

Also worth mentioning is that BlackBerryCool currently has SIX contests on the go where winners haven’t yet been chosen. I’m going to choose winners for some of the older contests before Monday morning so make sure you’re entered in all six.
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Rove Mobile SSH for BlackBerry Now Available in App World


Rove have re-released their Mobile SSH for BlackBerry app in BlackBerry App World for $29.99. The app was incredibly popular when it was available through Rove as it allows you to connect to Unix and Linux, IBM mainframes, AS/400 and iSeries, routers and switches.

Rove Mobile SSH features:

  • Telnet
  • SSH1 and SSH2 for secure access
  • SSH2 public key authentication for enhanced security
  • User-definable shortcut keys
  • VT100 terminal emulation
  • IBM 5250 terminal emulation
  • IBM 3270 terminal emulation

This product is very competitively priced at $29.99, especially when you consider that the product used to retail for around $95. You won’t find a better SSH/Telnet BlackBerry client at this price.

Download Rove’s Mobile SSH in BlackBerry App World.

Documentation for Rove Mobile SSH can be found on Rove’s site.

Also, if you would like to manage your IT infrastructure with your BlackBerry, check out Rove Mobile Admin.

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