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Skyfire browser for BlackBerry now in Alpha testing



Skyfire is going to be an incredible browser for BlackBerry. With full Flash, Silverlight and Ajax support, you can browse the Internet like you’ve always wanted to on your device. The latest build, Alpha 2, has been delivered to testers meaning it shouldn’t be long until the public gets their hands on something official. Expect a public Beta this summer. Sorry, I wish I could give you a more exact date.



Order food from your BlackBerry browser with SeamlessWeb



SeamlessWeb allows you to order food directly from your BlackBerry browser. The site is a mobile portal to their website with the help of Usablenet. When you hit up their homepage, you can order from a variety of restaurants and have it delivered to your office or home.

The site is really popular in the US where many companies have even tied it directly into their employee expense accounts.

Try the new SeamlessWeb mobile site and make sure to bookmark it.



Skyfire coming to BlackBerry with full Flash support


skyfire for blackberry

We told you a few days ago that Skyfire was soon to be arriving on BlackBerry and BGR has confirmed this with screenshots of the browser in action. How amazing will it be to have full flash support on your BlackBerry with the ability to stream video from sites such as Hulu? Very amazing.

One user who has alpha tested the browser describes it as “already being the best BlackBerry browser ever.”



Search the web in a new way with SnappySeeker for BlackBerry



The productivity wonks over at Iambic Inc. have come up with a way to make searching the web twice as efficient by essentially eliminating the need to go to a website before launching a search. They call it SnappySeeker, an app which allows you to narrow your searches by category (and correspondingly, by search engine) to help get you more accurate results. Though in a sense I’m often unimpressed by apps that merely extend the basic functionality of one’s device – this one simply saves you the time you’d ordinarily spend going to a particular website before searching, I really like apps that aim by design to accomplish operational success – through focusing on delivering only a few services (if more than one), but doing it well. SnappySeeker falls in both camps.

SnappySeeker Review Quick Links



OS Support: BlackBerry OS 4.0 and above
Device Support: Any recent BlackBerry phone running OS version 4.0 and above
Price: $4.95
Company/Developer: Iambic Inc.
Where to buy: The BlackBerry Cool store!
Official user guide: Here.
Click through to read more about this new way to search the web with BlackBerry

BOLT BlackBerry Browser update, we have unlimited invites


BOLT BlackBerry Browser

When BlackBerry Cool became the first BlackBerry website on the Internet to provide free invites to the BOLT BlackBerry Browser private beta, we never thought so many people would have such rabid interest. After thanking you the readers for providing ‘substantial feedback’ on the initial beta release, Bitstream let us know that an updated version is being pushed to users with BlackBerry-specific enhancements. You can find the full list of enhancements after the jump.

For those that haven’t tried the BOLT Browser yet, we have some great news: the ‘berrycool’ code now has unlimited referrals! So head over to the BOLT download page and tell Bitstream ‘berrycool’ sent you.

In addition, Bitstream has set up an email address for people who want to share their experiences using BOLT and possibly be quoted (with expressed permission) in BOLT’s PR efforts. The address is pr4beta@boltbrowser.com. Bitstream has also set up a support form for those with technical issues at: http://www.boltbrowser.com/support.html. So you have your task readers: download the new version of BOLT, keep providing great feedback, and help make a nifty BlackBerry Browser even better.

BOLT BlackBerry Browser Feature updates

More BOLT BlackBerry Browser invites now available, you guys are crazy


UPDATE: WOW, just got word from Bitstream that you guys brought down their servers! They’re upgrading them now for higher capacity, so if you received an error when trying to sign up, wait a while and try again!

When we wrangled the BlackBerry Nation 500 invites for the BOLT BlackBerry Browser private beta yesterday, we weren’t sure how interested you’d be. It turns out that you were very interestedBitstream, makers of BOLT had quadrupled our invites to 2000, and that still wasn’t enough! So after a little bit of negotiating, we’ve gotten them to give us some more invites.

To get your copy of the BOLT beta, you must head on over to their download page and use the following referral code: ‘berrycool’. Do this even if you had already sent a request previously. Bitstream has now automated the request process, meaning you should get an email with the download link much quicker now.

While you’re waiting to get your dirty little mitts on that email, don’t forget to check out our hands-on BOLT browser impressions. Get to it!