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Zenprise announces MobileManager 5.0 with new features to save costs



The latest product from Zenprise, MobileManager 5.0, features a wide array of features to help an organization get the visibility they need and save costs by having a complete picture of their mobile infrastructure.

MobileManager 5.0 integrates support monitoring, expense management, security, and device management across multiple smartphone platforms including BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm.

A typical case scenario involves a large organization with a few thousand devices on the network. With MobileManager 5.0, this organization has access to the following features regarding their mobile infrastructure:

  • Identify smartphones on the network that aren’t being used. This allows the organization to reclaim significant costs by disabling these unused devices.
  • View smartphone usage details in order to optimize their employees’ wireless plans.
  • See what carriers are being used on the network. This data can be used to leverage volume discounts with the carrier of choice.
  • Identify smartphone malware and spyware in real time.

The solution also incorporates a host of features that should be standard with any mobile admin product:

  • Ensure compliance of critical corporate security policies (e.g., content encryption enabled, camera and Bluetooth disabled, etc.)
  • Remotely lock a device or wipe smartphones clean of corporate data
  • Identify all software installed on an individual smartphone or find all smartphones with particular software installed
  • Track application version information

With all of this data, Zenprise should be able to provide the industry with some really fascinating white papers and research reports.

For example, if their clients agree, we could anonymously survey thousands of BlackBerry users to see what software they carry on their device. This would provide the industry with an analysis of where the content market is heading in the enterprise space. Also, we could figure out what carriers are the cheapest for enterprise, and perhaps come to a decision on who is the leading brand. This news may also put pressure on some carriers to change their pricing in order to be more competitive.

MobileManager 5.0 will be available in October.